Promoting the Audiologist of the Year Award 2016

Audiologist of the Year 2016 Competition
Direct Submit are pleased to announce they are working to help promote the Audiologist of the Year competition for 2016. This respected award encourages nominations for professionals who excel in their duties and is a chance for patients to shout about their own audiologist. The coveted award celebrates hearing professionals who work hard to deliver exceptional service and gives patients the opportunity to say thank you to their audiologist.


The competition is open to hearing patients from participating countries and all entries are judged by an independent panel that includes industry experts, representatives of hearing charities and associations and a representative from Audio Infos magazine.

Entering the competition is easy, simply visit the website and complete our online application form or alternatively, you can download a copy of the application form, print it out and then post it back to the address provided if you prefer.

The Judging Criteria Includes:

Your entry must be received on or before the July 8th 2016 and you must have been fitted with a device between Aug 2012 and July 2016.

The form must be completed in full:

Hearing care professional’s details (please, include their email address or telephone number)
Your details
Reasons for nomination – In no more than 1000 words. The winner will be an individual outstanding case. The entry will be judged on the following criteria:
You have received exceptional service and been provided with outstanding care
The hearing care professional must have illustrated dedication and commitment
The hearing care professional must have demonstrated exceptional knowledge in the field of products or services available to you (please provide details if possible)
The hearing care professional must have made a difference to your and/or your family’s lifestyle
He or she must have helped in a difficult or unusual circumstance
He or she may have provided superior care which included your whole family
Your hearing care provider must have worked together with other medical professionals to fully support you and/or your family
Completion of the 4 multiple choice questions

As the winning audiologist for the country you practice in, you have the opportunity to win some great prizes, including the recognition and acknowledgement of winning a prestigious competition. For further details of the prozes available please see visit the website.

Entering the competition is easy. Simply complete our online application form provided and click the “vote now” button, and for guidance on how to create a great entry. Remember, the stronger the story the more chance you have of winning.

SEO for Local Business

SEO for Local Business
The economy is finally recovering, people are buying homes again and, with spring here and summer just around the corner, more and more people will be taking advantage of the warmer weather to tackle projects around the house or flat that are best done in weather when one can have one’s windows open for ventilation. These often include home renovations for which homeowners call upon skilled tradespeople to carry out most or all of the work.


This is all good news for tradespeople targeting a local market, but there’s something else to consider: that local market can be challenging to reach through the phone book and through traditional forms of advertising because people aren’t using the Yellow Pages like they once did for locating people who can do household repairs, fix the air conditioning or plumbing and so forth.

As with everything else, people are now doing simple Internet searches (local SEO) to find everything they need. This is particularly true now that smartphones have become the norm. If your potential clients have Android phones, for example, you want them to be able to find your details simply by typing in “plumbers Newcastle” or “home renovations North East” from the Google search field on their phone.  The right key phrases will do the job just like magic.

This magic is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

How SEO works is simple: the mysterious powers behind the Internet and major search engines such as Google and Yahoo rank the results of certain keywords, and top-ranked results based on those keywords or key phrases are displayed most prominently in search results. Going back to the plumber in Newcastle example, let’s say that you already rely somewhat on word-of-mouth advertising and have been recommended by past clients who remember which street your business is located on. Since the odds do not favour the presence of multiple plumbing companies on the same street, a key phrase such as “plumber (street name) Newcastle” is likely to reveal only one accurate search result, and this is the one that will lead today’s Internet- and smartphone-savvy individuals in Newcastle who have plumbing problems to pick up the phone and call you for their repairs.

But how do you gain this type of visibility on the Internet, you ask? In brief, you do so by developing relevant online content that Internet users will be directed to when they type in relevant keywords and key phrases. The expertise of an Internet marketing consultant can be invaluable to your business if growth is what you desire. Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services has been developing SEO marketing campaigns for businesses across the UK for over a decade.

Our client-focused Internet marketing services are highly effective, even on a small advertising budget, and will have a significant impact on the growth of your small business for a fraction of the cost of television or other, more traditional forms of advertising. By taking advantage of our service, you can expect to see your business grow and revenues soar.

For more information on how we can help you develop your local SEO marketing campaign, call us today on 0845 272 2350 and let one of our Internet marketing consultants help your Internet marketing and SEO project make your business more successful than you ever thought possible.

KIdz R Fit – Promoting Children’s Health and Fitness

Promoting Children’s Health and Fitness
When it comes to children’s health and fitness, even for the most attentive parent or guardian, it can often be hard to get a child to get up and move around. A lot of youngsters think it’s going to be very boring, time consuming and hard work – something a lot of kids will try to avoid. You can get all of these ill-conceived notions out of their heads when you sign your child up for Kidz R Fit fitness classes.


Direct Submit are now working with a UK based specialist who deliver confidence building children’s fitness and dance packages within schools, nurseries, playgroups and communities. These programs are not only health and fitness centered, but they are fun as well. Kids will especially love how we connect fitness and dance to make physical education even more appealing.

Our aim is to help Kidz R Fit to promote their website and children’s fitness services across the Internet, helping their business develop and be available to a wider audience. Using effective SEO and Internet Marketing we believe that the Kidz R Fit online business will continue to develop and prosper.

If you would like further information on how Direct Submit could help your business grow on the Internet, why not give us a call on 0845 2722350.

Positive Correlation Between Traffic and Referring Domains

Positive Correlation Between Traffic and Referring Domains
A new study conducted by SimilarWeb and Majestic concludes that there is a positive correlation between a website’s traffic and the number of referring domains pointing to that website. The study analyzed 500,000 backlinks from 100,000 of the top sites on the web to find a correlation from the tops sites and their associated backlinks.

The traffic driven to these sites was broken down into the following categories:

•Overall traffic
•Organic search traffic
•PPC traffic
•Referrals traffic
•Social Media traffic
•IP Addresses

The websites assessed in the study were also broken down into similar categories, analyzing the top 100,000 websites in the world by:

•Global Rank
•Organic Traffic
•PPC Traffic
•Referral traffic
•Social media traffic
•The Findings

The data was broken down even further by grouping the correlation between traffic and backlinks by:

•Referring domains
•IP addresses
•Referring .edu domains
•External .gov domains
•Referring .gov domains

After analyzing 500,000 backlinks from hundreds of thousands of the world’s top websites it was found that referring domains had the highest correlation between all traffic groups came through referring domains. Referring domains in general came out on top across the board, with external .gov and .edu backlinks showing a rather low correlation.

What this goes to show is that it’s important to diversify your backlink profile with a variety of domains. According to the data, building an abundance of backlinks from the same sources is not as effective as focusing on the number of unique domains you’re getting the links from.

Search Engine Optimisation – How It Works and the Importance of It

Search Engine Optimisation – How It Works and the Importance of It

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is the process in which a webmaster attempts to raise the visibility of a web site or web page for search engines for example Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Search Engine Optimisation has become an important tool used by web designers to enhance a sites position on a search engine, improving the standing of a website is definitely significant as qualified traffic should increase to your web site, helping generate more sales and raising the profile of your online business.

Organic search engine optimisation is the optimum means to get your site noticed and be sure that it remains on the first page of the major search engines.


There are many factors to take into account, including selecting the right keywords and when optimising a website, incorporating good quality original content and looking to attract relevant inbound links being just a few.

Fresh and original content is a must. Don’t be tempted to try and copy someone else’s content from their website and attempt to pass it on as your own, as the search engines could punish you for this and your website rankings will suffer. The best thing to do is create unique and new content, written for the end user and using the correct key words in the right areas of the web page and copy.

When looking at fresh content, there are several tissues you should take into consideration if you’d like an internet search engine to pick up on your website and see it as important content. The first thing would be what people search for, if your site is about motorcycle associated products and you want to bring more customers for your own motorcycle products business then using the main key word of ‘bike’ would be pointless. The reason for this is term ‘motorcycle’ gets related and specific traffic each month – different to ‘bike search traffic, and the majority of people searching won’t buy motorcycle products when researching bikes.

When a key word that is important has been differentiated by you then you will need to make sure that you use it properly. For example, it would make more sense to make your main keywords such as motorcycle helmets or motorbike parts, if the particular website you were writing about was motorcycle parts and equipment.  The way would be to make sure it’s seen is to include your key phrases in the body text, the meta data and key words.  Note though that there is a fine line between using key words properly and spamming a website with too many keywords. If you do this the search engines will believe you are over using it (spamming) and may not rank you at all on any significant pages. Another thing to consider is can the website visitor understands the content and relate to it? If you over use the key word in the site then it may become obvious that you have written it for the search engines and not the site visitor. This is bad practice.

A lot of SEO websites suggest a percentage of text which should be used when relating to key words but this will vary according to what you read.  At the time of writing, a few notable websites are suggesting this percentage to be between 3-8% which comprises the utilization of the key word in the title tag, body etc. Although we would suggest the best course of action is to write a natural article that makes sense – written for the site visitor.

After you have written your content using the primary keywords you are targeting, then you need to think how that site is going to help promote your businesses site.  Promote your website to the major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo – plus submit your URL to directories. If your website is optimised for motorcycle accessories then the directories submissions should in time help achieve inbound links utilising the key phrase linked to your website.

Whether you are just starting up your business or have an existing website which isn’t doing a great deal for your, then call Direct Submit today  on 0845 2722350 and let us help you make your website stand out from the crowd. As experienced Internet Marketing and SEO consultants we will be able to help you make the right choices and decisions to help you get your product or service noticed online.  An effective SEO strategy will make your website easy to find for users and search engine robots. SEO helps the search engines to understand what each page on the website is about, therefore content strategy plays a big role in the SEO tactics.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be an essential part of your businesses marketing strategy. Put simply, its job is to increase your enquiries and to make sales. Properly applied, SEO will help your companies website appear higher up the natural search engine rankings for targeted key phrases. This is where Direct Submit can help you and your business.

As leading UK Internet Marketing and SEO consultants, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and expertise. All our clients are unique and each receives customised strategy that utilises today’s best practices for your business.

Keyword Research is the Beginning of SEO

Keyword Research is the Beginning of SEO
Here we are blogging daily, sometimes several times a day, and working hard toward getting our blog posts and articles rated and indexed by the search engines. They will have a tendency to throw the words onto the page and call it great when folks start blogging. I mean, it is blogging, right? Is not blogging like writing a diary for everyone else to read?

Sorry. Not now, and not if you desire to earn some money out of your attempts. Your content needs to be fresh, insightful, valuable, and unique. So where can you begin?

The Straightforward Approach

If you’re just getting started in research that is keyword and tailoring your blog posts be understood and to rank, there are a few very simple things you can perform to get going.

First, we are going to use a tool that is free. You do not have to, although you will get much better results if you open an account with AdWords.

Type in a key word or phrase in the top box, fill out the Capture code boxes, and click on search. If you have an account, you are getting a lot more results. But merely to begin, we’ll take action without an account.

What you really are looking for here is a key word or keyword phrase in your market issue that has decent and low to medium competition world-wide and local searches. So that is pretty easy to find out.

When it comes to local and international searches, you have to decide whether you will get any traffic from the search term and how popular the term is. You definitely need your searches that are worldwide to be above your local searches and 5000 to be above 1000 a month. As you are finding success with this approach, enhance your writing, and gain experience, then you certainly can press to attain ranking and position with key words that have higher contest scores and higher searches.

For the purposes of today, let us choose a key word. Open the Google Keyword Tool up and let us do this keyword research collectively. Let’s say we have been going to write an article about “camping.”

In my experience, those odds aren’t worth even trying. I’d want to see a results response of fewer than 500,000 sites.

You might be limited to 100 results as you see, by not having a real AdWords accounts. With the account, you would have pages of keyword ideas and the ability to weed out the ones that won’t work quite quickly. You can actually filter results through the use of the complex alternatives. I’d select especially in the filters options: a low & moderate competitor, Global searches Local Searches greater than 1000, greater than 5000.

So now you have gotten keyword research results for those criteria. That is where I have an open browser tab to search the keyword phrase, would go through each keyword thought and see how many websites include those words. Can you discover any that you desire to try to rank for?

Keyword Research Using Exact Match Filter

Okay. I simply located the keyword phrase “camping with kids.” As a comprehensive hunt, that came back with over 72 million results. Now, let’s do the keyword research as a precise match. That means you search with the key word term in quotes “camping with children.” What do we have now for results?

This would be a keyword phrase worth working with. You’ve got done a simple keyword research exercise, have located a key word phrase that could give good quality leads to ranking your website posts to you, and you happen to be set to start composing an article on this particular subject. Remember to try to use the key word phrase as close to 2 percent of your total words as possible.

Achieve More Business with Google AdWords

Achieve More Business with Google AdWords
If you are a business that is just starting out or just want to expand your internet business considering the internet marketing strategy that you use carefully could be as really worthwhile idea. Clever use of techniques such as pay per click and Google AdWords can really pay off and help you attract plenty of new visitors to your website, you may want to think about employing the services of a specialist internet marketing company such as Direct Submit to help you explore the options available to your business and how to use them to their full potential so you can be sure that any internet marketing strategy that you decide to use has the best possible chances of being a total success.


One of the most attractive advantages to smaller businesses of a pay per click campaign is that it is a very cost effective options as you literally pay per click every time someone clicks on one of your advertised links, so you can simply pay as you go. When you use a high quality internet marketing service such as Direct Submit they will be able to analyse how successful adverts have been and begin to tell where you need to concentrate you efforts, helping you to spend less time and money creating advertising campaigns that don’t receive a great deal of attention and direct your energy towards avenues that are far more likely to prove fruitful.

Having a well-placed sponsored link or advert within a relevant search produced by a search engine such as Google is an excellent way to make sure that your business gets seen by people that are likely to be interested in the goods or services that you provide, helping your website to receive a lot more traffic that is well directed for very little effort or cost. At Direct Submit they can ensure that your sponsored links will be seen in the searches most relevant to your business, regularly monitor and assess the success of all campaigns and make any adjustments that might be required to maintain good results.

Being able to make sure that your website gets noticed is one of the key elements behind any internet marketing strategy and at Direct Submit they understand this, they also recognise that not every business has the resources or budget to create a massive advertising campaign so they aim to make sure that any adverts that you create are likely to seen by the people that will be interested in what your business has to offer. By running your advert alongside the search results produced by business similar to your own the chances of increasing far more directed traffic to your website will raise considerably, at Direct Submit they will be able to help you decide which pages are the best choice for your ads and also maintain them for you to make sure that the choices you have made remain relevant and up to date.

Although well directed traffic doesn’t automatically mean you will achieve a sale or lead every time you will be surprised how much of a boost it can bring to your business making any successful Google AdWords campaign a really good investment and with the benefit of pay per click services it is even better value because the costs will be minimal in the unlikely event of a campaign not being as successful as you hoped. At Direct Submit they aim to ensure that no matter the size of your business of the type of work that they offer a flexible and effective service that is completely tailored to your company’s needs, even letting you choose what times you would like your campaigns to run.

By really taking into account what your business has to offer and what it wants it achieve at Direct Submit they can really help you to make your customer base grow, by looking at each company individually and building a campaign that is totally centred around its personal characteristics you can be sure that your Google AdWords campaign will appear on only the most relevant search engine results so it is guaranteed to get noticed by people that are more likely to click on the link and take a look at what you have to offer, which is the first and most crucial step to attracting new customers or leads and will really help your businesses online profile to expand.

So why not get in touch with Direct Submit and find out more about how they can with the use of targeted key word and phrases and other specialist techniques help you create a Google AdWords, Pay per Click campaign that is sure to show excellent results fast?

One of their friendly expert advisors will be happy to fully discuss all your business needs and help you to decide on a strategy that suits your companies budget and is certain to be a success, with many other internet marketing solutions available as well , a flexible approach and a straight forward and reasonable pricing policy you can be sure you won’t be disappointed, simply take a look at their excellent past customer testimonials to find out more about why so many people choose to use their services.

No matter your advertising budget, we will work with you to develop a campaign to help your clients find you right when they need you. To learn more about how we can help you maximise your Pay per Click campaign, call us today on 0845 272 2350 or visit our Internet Marketing Services website today.

Small Business Websites Falling Victim to Hackers

Small Business Websites Falling Victim to Hackers
According to newly released Google Transparency Report safe browsing statistics, over 10 million internet users encounter unsafe websites delivering malware and spam every week. Google says many of the pages falling victim are small business websites and personal blogs. The search engine says many compromised site owners are unaware there is a problem, visitors are turned away with a ‘This site may be unsafe’ warning meaning a lack of traffic, and when the problem is detected, often there is a lack of cyber security know-how to fix the issue and restore the site.


Internet Security
Security on the web is paramount, especially for webmasters striving to create a coordinated and enjoyable online experience for their visitors. But with statistics showing more than 10m users encountering harmful websites every week, just how deep does this security issue go – and how can webmasters make their sites more secure for their audience?

The figures are certainly worrying, both for those browsing the web and the webmasters attempting to keep their site free from hackers, malware or scams. Over the last year, Google says it has detected more than 800,000 compromised websites, with 16,500 new ones springing up every week, from all over the globe.

The unfortunate visitors to these sites find themselves looking at scam content and malware, often with downloads inserting themselves onto the computer. Many of the scams are fairly easy to spot, and many users have software installed which alerts them to these fake sites – but they are becoming ever more sophisticated, and the uninitiated can fall for the dirty tactics employed by the malware creators.

In order to help webmasters protect their websites and their businesses, Google teamed up with the University of California, Berkeley, to devise new methods of reaching out to compromised site owners quickly and to expedite recovery. It says, “When Google works directly with webmasters during critical moments like security breaches, we can help 75% of webmasters re-secure their content. The whole process takes a median of 3 days. This is a better experience for webmasters and their audience.”

Staying safe
The big question then is how can webmasters protect themselves against these kinds of hacks and ensure that their visitors aren’t exposed to potentially harmful content? How can compromised sites be repaired and measures put in place to stop it happening again?

If you’re a webmaster concerned about the figures above, try these strategies to protect your site and safeguard your online reputation.

Keep everything up-to-date
One of the most effective ways to protect your website is to ensure that all the platforms and scripts your website utilises are kept up-to-date. The downside of using open-source software is that the code is available to hackers, who can take their time to pinpoint security loopholes they can exploit. By keeping your scripts and platforms totally up to date, you can minimize the risk of hackers exploiting loopholes – but it’s important to remember that this method alone will not be enough to secure your site fully.

Encrypt login pages, and limit sharing of login data
Using encryption on your login pages is essential when it comes to ensuring that hackers can’t get hold of your login credentials. SSL encryptions are among the most popular – this is the type that makes ‘https://’ appear at the beginning of the URL. When you use this type of encryption, it means that the information entered there is meaningless to any third-party who may have come across it, and cannot be interpreted or translated in any way.

You should also ensure that you’re not handing out login details to those who don’t necessarily need it. Rather than allowing coworkers, third-party service providers or other associates to use your login information, create separate accounts for them and ensure that their permissions are kept up-to-date. Remove or downgrade permissions immediately if they leave the company or change their role, and remind all users to change their passwords regularly.

Utilise Google’s tools
Google offers a multitude of tools across a number of its properties that can help you remain vigilant when it comes to your website’s security. The site:search feature accessible from the search page allows you to check for suspicious URLs or directories associated with your website. The Search Queries page in Analytics lets you check out the significant keywords that Google has found on your website. If you’re seeing unexpected keywords (terms like ‘casino’, ‘viagra’ and ‘loans’ are among the most common), it’s likely your site’s security has been breached.

Google plays a big part in helping to detect malware, which is why it is important to set up and verify your website in Google Search Console. If it picks up any suspicious activity on your site, it’ll send you a notification via your Message Centre. Not all webmasters check their Message Centre regularly, so you should have these notifications set up to forward to your email account, to ensure that you receive them quickly after they’re sent.

Change your CMS settings from the default
A lot of malicious website attacks are carried out by automated systems which depend entirely on sites using the default CMS settings. These attacks are the most common attacks on websites, and this can be rectified simply by changing your settings. Make sure you adjust things like comment controls, visibility of user information and file permissions to bolster your security and protect your site further.

Scan regularly
Schedule in a regular scan of your website using one of the many scanning services out there – if you haven’t used one before, tools like Norton Safe Web, McAfee SiteAdvisor and Google Safe Browsing Diagnostics are all safe bets. These services will pick up on malware and suspicious pieces of code that may have latched onto your website, so that you can remove them as soon as you find them. If you neglect regular scans, your site could be vulnerable to hidden code or suspicious malware coming in under your radar and infecting potentially thousands of users’ devices.

Work from a safe computer
Try to avoid updating or maintaining your website from a public computer, if you can help it. Access it only from your own device, and ensure that your software is up to date, you have no viruses and have carried out a malware / anti-virus check recently.

Subscribe to security updates
Many hosting companies and publishing platforms have their own RSS feed providing updates on security issues. Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings on your platform, as well as gaining useful insight into improving your security or closing known loopholes.

Keep your site clean
Attackers thrive on the hidden files, redirects and remote inclusions tucked away in the deep directories of your website in order to plant and deliver their malware. Ensure that your site is cleaned up regularly by deleting any content or files that your site isn’t using.

These simple steps will help to enhance the security of your website significantly – and while there is no guarantee that you’ll never be hacked, you’ll be one step ahead if you continue to keep up with these tips and steps. Be prepared, be vigilant and be pro-active about your security, and you (and your users) should stay safe.

View the full Google study for more on this topic here: Remedying Web Hijacking: Notification Effectiveness and Webmaster Comprehension.

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs SEO

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs SEO
In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial to the success of any small business. People research services online before doing anything else, and they often find companies through searching on Google.

bannerSEO is the practice of helping your website to rank on page one or page two for certain keywords. By ranking highly in search results for specific keywords, you can attract more traffic to your website.

Did you know that 61% of global Internet users research products online, before making any purchase at all? This statistic, conducted by a HubSpot survey, shows the importance of having your small business rank well in search results. With every passing year, millions of new users are joining the Internet and starting to research products. This number will only increase with time.

In this article, you’ll learn the crucial importance of SEO for your small business.

1. You’ll Rank Well For Important Keywords

If you build a strong online presence through linkbuilding and make your website a robust and mobile-friendly website (just two of the factors that are essential for SEO), your rankings on Google search result pages will increase. The higher you go on the pages, the more people will see your website and click on it. Although it takes a long time and much work to get to page one for local keywords, it is very doable.

Hundreds of people could be searching for a small business like yours, but since you’re not on page one or page two, they’ll never be able to find you. If you offer a great product or service, this is quite a loss, indeed. By employing SEO and applying it to your website, you can start to rise in the ranks and pick up on these potential clients.

Let’s say you have a business that insulates windows in Devon. There are hundreds of searches each month for the keyword “window insulation devon”. If your website ranks highly for that term, the searcher will find your website and could become a client of yours.

2. You’ll Build Traffic To Your Website

The higher your website ranks, the more traffic it will receive. With traffic and interested people, you can use these to your advantage. You can direct them to email newsletters, social media channels, contact details or even, your services/products page. Getting sustainable traffic will ensure that you have a constant flow of potential clients coming to your website.

It is difficult to get traffic to your website using outbound techniques, like direct mail advertising. You might get an interested customer or two, but this isn’t sustainable. With a high ranking on Google search results, you will have a constant stream of traffic, allowing your website to grow in popularity and essentially, this will lead to more potential clients or customers finding you.

3. You’ll RankWell on Google MyPlaces

Local SEO involves targeting searchers in your local area who are looking for a product or service. Often, Google will display businesses in that area, who have a Google MyPlaces page. Using SEO, you can rank well on search results and have your own part in the Google MyPlaces page.

This will give you more exposure not just in search results, but also on the Google MyPlaces section of the search page (it is to the right of results). Your MyPlaces spot will also include a starred review, from cumulated customer ratings and also, images and a phone number. There are a variety of techniques you can use to rank well, and ultimately, dominate the Google MyPlaces spot.

4. You Can Focus Less On PPC

PPC or paid advertising involves placing ads on Google search results. However, this may lead to a lot of effort which isn’t sustainable. While it may deliver clients (at a price), you need to keep spending on PPC to keep your traffic coming.

With SEO, your website will rank on search results, and a constant stream of traffic will come to your website. Provided your website offers a great customer experience, it will more than likely stay in the results. There will be little work on your part, to keep the stream of traffic coming in.

Also, according to Informza, 70-80% of searchers ignore paid ads and focus on organic results. So, the majority of your potential clients could be ignoring your ad, if you decide to advertise with PPC.

Final Thoughts

By ranking well and having a strong online presence, you can attract more clients and ultimately, more sales and money for your business. It will help you build your online exposure and reach while picking up on many potential clients at the same time.

While SEO takes more work, it is sustainable, and once the foundations are made, your website will attract traffic for years to come.

For information on how Direct Submit SEO services can help your business get noticed on the Internet, call today on 0845 2722350 or visit our Internet Marketing website.

Google Sends Four Million Messages about Search Spam in 2015

Google Sends Four Million Messages about Search Spam in 2015
Google announced via their webmaster blog that in their efforts to clean up the search results through webspam techniques, in 2015 they saw a 180-percent increase in websites being hacked compared to 2014 and also saw “an increase in the number of sites with thin, low-quality content.”


To combat that, Google released their hacked spam algorithm in October 2015, which resulted in removing “the vast majority” of those issues. They also sent out more than 4.3 million messages to webmasters to notify them of manual actions on their sites; that is a ton of manual notices. With that, they saw a 33-percent increase in the number of sites that went through the reconsideration process.

So it is clearly important to make sure to verify your website in the Google Search Console so that you can be alerted of any issues Google finds on your site. The Google blog included the following information:

•As always, our algorithms addressed the vast majority of webspam and search quality improvement for users. One of our algorithmic updates helped to remove the amount of hacked spam in search results.

•The rest of spam was tackled manually. We sent more than 4.3 million messages to webmasters to notify them of manual actions we took on their site and to help them identify the issues.

•We saw a 33% increase in the number of sites that went through spam clean-up efforts towards a successful reconsideration process.

Spam Reports
Google also said that users submitted more than 400,000 spam reports. Google acted on 65 percent of them and considered 80 percent of those acted upon to be spam. They put together more than 200 Hangouts on air to help webmasters with search and webmaster questions in more than 17 languages, as well as increased the participation in their webmaster help forums.

<View Full Report>