Welcome to Expressly SEO. For some time I’ve had the idea of writing about the world of a small UK based SEO business. How Internet Marketing impacts on the real world. The daily experiences when dealing with a genuine client – good and bad, and most importantly, a personal review of some of the many issues affecting Internet Marketing.

Most businesses now have some presence on the Internet. Many have used their website to good effect and have improved their market profile and increased their potential for more business opportunities.

However, there are still those who seem to have no problem spending their hard earned money,  sometimes thousands of pounds, on a website which looks nice but then ignore the need to promote it properly on the Internet. It’s a bit like having a corner shop with no signage or obvious entrance. Why would you?

My advice for any company or organisation looking to develop (or redesign) a website would be to try and get a web design company who understand at least the basics of Internet Marketing process. Ideally, try to get them to involve someone who knows how to optimise a website properly. Fairly obvious advice really. Sadly, in my experience, most Internet Marketing campaigns are an after thought and are usually triggered by the reaction similar to ‘this website has been a waste of money, nobody knows it exists’ and a realisation that without effective Internet Marketing, even the most beautifully designed website brings little value to an organisation.

As a small business involved with SEO & Internet Marketing, a major part of my role is to engage with the client and help them to appreciate the positive impact an effective Search Engine project can bring to their business. In short, to help them see the benefits of online promotion.