Improper Search Engine Optimisation Tactics

Improper Search Engine Optimisation Tactics is being punished by Google for allegedly artificially boosting its search ranking. “The incident, according to Overstock, stemmed in part from its practice of encouraging Web sites of colleges and universities to post links to Overstock pages so that students and faculty could receive discounts on the shopping site,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

“Overstock said it discontinued the program on Feb. 10, before hearing from Google, but said some university Webmasters have been slow to remove the links.” As a Google spokesman acknowledged: “Attempts to game Google’s ranking go on 24 hours a day, every single day.” Therefore, which sites the search giant chooses to punish can sometimes seem arbitrary. In another instance earlier this month, Google reportedly lowered the ranking of links to J.C. Penny Co. in response to improper search engine optimization tactics.

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The Internet & your Business

Make the Internet Work for your Business
More and more businesses are recognising the need to actually do something with their website. How many businesses have spent hundreds, or in many cases thousands of pounds on websites that they then do absolutely nothing with. Quite often, the web design company will do little or no Internet Marketing or will try to sell this an additional service to the client – in our experience of talking to clients, sometime after the website went live.

It is not unusual for a prospective client to contact us, as a last resort, and offer us the ultimatum, if the website continues to do nothing for our business we may as well bin it.

We have recently started working with a UK Telecommunications Services provider and an Electrical Distributor who is looking to extend their business, moving from a regional basis to a National base. These clients have come to us in a positive way, looking to use their websites in a positive and proactive way.

In these difficult times, when a business is looking to the Internet for new business, then the process of Search Engine Optimisation and subsequent Internet Marketing should be placed higher on the ‘to do’ list when planning or operating a website.

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‘H’ Tags & Internet Marketing

The ‘H’ tags & Search Engine Optimisation
Using the ‘H’ tags with your search engine optimisation can make a significant difference to the success of your Internet Marketing campaign.  So what are they? ‘H’ tags are used to denote section titles in your content.  <H1> tags are normally used for the main title of the content and then lower ‘H’ tags (such as <H2> and <H3>) are used for sub-headings within your webpage content.

HTML has six heading elements: <Hi> through to <H6>. Use <H1> for your main page heading, then <H2> for sub-headings and so on. Remember when using these tags to prioritise your website content accordingly.  Search engines view the <Hi> tag as the most important title of the page and then <H2> as the next most important and so on. 

You should always make sure your <H1> tag contains your most important keywords. Try to make sure your <H1> tag corresponds to your page Meta Tag Title. This highlights to search engines exactly what your page is about, and helps identify the most important key phrases.

Don’t overuse your these tags though.  Just use one <H 1> tag with your most important content, then use as many <h2> and <H3> tags as you need alongside your content.

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Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies and SEO
Social media strategies can be a useful search engine optimisation (SEO) tool for businesses, one expert claims.

With Google and Bing having acknowledged that a presence on such platforms can influence search engine rankings, Steve Beatty highlights in a post for Search Engine Watch that social media sites are therefore useful to leverage. Increasing brand awareness, as well as improving SEO, with websites such as Facebook can be done by link building, he adds.

That is because this kind of campaign can both spread news of a brand to a wide audience, as well as generating inbound links.

“You can build decent SEO visibility by simply creating a message and distributing it to your audience, then let them discuss and respond to it,” Mr Beatty comments.

If you would like details on how Direct Submit could help you promote your business on the Internet then call us now. We have helped many business make their website work harder for them on the Internet and we can do the same for you.

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Unethical SEO

Approaches from Unethical SEO Companies
Recently a few of our clients have contacted us to report some approaches made to them by ‘SEO Companies’ in the UK, who reportedly claimed to represent – directly – Google and Yahoo. During the conversations the clients were left in little doubt that the SEO companies involved represented Google or Yahoo and had preferential influence re the potential results. The clients who contacted me to report these approaches told me they were being offered a direct working relationship with Google UK or Yahoo UK. Not an SEO company offering their services to promote the clients website to Google and Yahoo.

Many businesses, when approached by aggressive sales people with monthly targets to achieve, will believe almost anything they are told. In the case of the ‘Google’ approach we were contacted about, the company used a domain that also implied they were part of Google’s UK company.

These SEO firms also claimed guaranteed rankings, as well as their ‘special relationship’ with Google. Let’s be clear, no one can guarantee results in the search engines. This is simply untrue. In many cases, where these ‘guarantees’ are made, they are for obscure phrases which have little competition and offer no benefit to the business.

While professional and ethical (white hat SEO) SEO companies can provide clients with valuable services, some unethical SEO’s continue to give the industry a bad name through their overly aggressive sales pitch, untruths and often ‘black-hat’ marketing techniques in their attempts to manipulate search engine results in questionable ways.

Remember, practices that violate search engine guidelines may result in losing popularity or even getting banned from their index.

If a company is comfortable telling you untruths to get your business, then it also follows that they would not be averse to using black hat SEO techniques in their everyday practices. Be careful which SEO company you appoint to look after you onlinebusiness!

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Internet Access. A Fundamental Right

Internet Access. A Fundamental Right
Almost four in five people around the world believe that access to the internet is a fundamental right, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests. The survey – of more than 27,000 adults across 26 countries – found strong support for net access on both sides of the digital divide. Countries such as Finland and Estonia have already ruled that access is a human right for their citizens. International bodies such as the UN are also pushing for universal net access.

The survey, conducted by GlobeScan for the BBC, also revealed divisions on the question of government oversight of some aspects of the net. Web users questioned in South Korea and Nigeria felt strongly that governments should never be involved in regulation of the internet. However, a majority of those in China and the many European countries disagreed.

In the UK, for example, 55% believed that there was a case for some government regulation of the internet.

The finding comes as the UK government tries to push through its controversial Digital Economy Bill. As well as promising to deliver universal broadband in the UK by 2012, the bill could also see a so-called “three strikes rule” become law. This rule would give regulators new powers to disconnect or slow down the net connections of persistent illegal file-sharers. Other countries, such as France, are also considering similar laws.

Most of those questioned also said that they believed the web had a positive impact, with nearly four in five saying it had brought them greater freedom.  However, many web users also expressed concerns. The dangers of fraud, the ease of access to violent and explicit content and worries over privacy were the most concerning aspects for those questioned.

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Direct Submit SEO Services

Direct Submit are pleased to announce that we are working with the WCF online commerce group to promote thereof their brands.  These are the Scottish Gourmet online gourmet foods website, offering a range of Scottish cuisine direct to the customer. We are also working to promote the Thimble Guild website which has been selling high quality collectible thimbles to its enthusiastic members for over 21 years. Finally, Direct Submit are working to help promote the Mark an Occasion brand that offers a range of personalised gifts and hard to find drinks for celebrating special occasions.

If you would like details on how Direct Submit could help you promote your business on the Internet then call us now. We have helped many business make their website work harder for them on the Internet and we can do the same for you.

Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services
Having your website found in the major search engines is important for many reasons. Increased sales opportunities, achieved by attracting quality traffic to your website. Increased branding opportunities for your product or service and a higher market profile for your business.

The typical range of Internet Marketing Services may include the following:

– Keyword Analysis
– Meta tag Optimisation
– On Page Optimisation
– Manual Submissions to the Major Search Engines & Directories
– Search engine submission
– Link Popularity Development
– Monthly Ranking Reports
– Dedicated Account Manager
– Application of Google Site Map

Internet Marketing – A Great Opportunity
Every day millions of people use search engines to find a product or service on the Internet. Can your potential customers find your web site in the leading Search Engines? If not, you’re missing out on the local and global audience of customers who could be visiting your web site and, potentially at least, providing your business with new orders.

There are many Internet Marketing companies in the UK and beyond who provide a diverse range of Internet Marketing solutions. These ‘SEO Services’ are designed to get your business or service noticed in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Direct Submit are a leading UK Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation company who offer services including Website Optimisation, Search Engine Submission, Pay Per Click, Optimised Web Design, Website Management services and more. If your website can’t be found on the World Wide Web, then you are missing out on a potentially huge market place.