Launch of Microsoft Windows 8

Launch of Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft is set to unveil a radical overhaul of its flagship Windows computer software in a bid to regain ground on rivals Apple and Google. The technology giant will launch Windows 8 at a press conference in New York on Thursday in what is being called the boldest move by Microsoft in three decades.

Windows 8 is a significant shift from previous versions of the software because it is based on touchscreens and smartphones, rather than the traditional PC and mouse.

Some analysts see Windows 8 and the Surface tablet computer, announced in July, as a final roll of the dice by Microsoft in its attempt to survive the decline of the PC and compete in a world dominated by Apple iPhones, iPads and Google’s Android software.

“For Microsoft this is a very, very important launch,” said Annette Jump, a research director at analysts Gartner. “It is a major software shift which Microsoft is hoping will help it expand beyond the PC. It will either enable them to expand to tablets and smartphones, but if it doesn’t, then it will be a setback.”

Microsoft’s share of personal devices has shrunk dramatically in recent years, from 95% of the PC-only market to roughly one third of all personal device sales, including PCs, tablet computers and mobiles, according to analysts Forrester. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 is built for PCs, tablet computers and smartphones. It sees the traditional program icons replaced by tiles, which users swipe and touch to operate. The clean and crisp design has garnered positive reviews from early users, even though it is a radical shift from previous Windows versions, which hundreds of millions of PC owners use daily.

The software will be officially unveiled on Thursday and will be available to buy from the end of the week, when its much-hyped tablet computer, Surface, will also go on sale.

Andrew Johnson, a senior analyst and managing vice-president at Gartner, said the immediate response to the Windows 8 launch on Thursday would be critical for Microsoft, which has historically struggled to communicate the “cool factor” of its previous products. “Will Microsoft be defending themselves on shortcomings or will they be riding the tide? There’s so much more at stake here and not really a plan B,” Johnson said.

Frank Gillet, an analyst at Forrester, described Windows 8 as an “original and impressive response to new technologies and competition” and said it was the most radical overhaul since the original Windows replaced DOS in 1995. He forecast that the software will help Microsoft to a 30% share of the booming tablet market by 2016, but would do little to boost the company’s presence in smartphones. Analysts expect a rush of new tablet computers running Windows 8 to be released in time for Christmas.

The launch occurs at an inopportune moment for Microsoft, coming just 48 hours after Apple stole the headlines with the launch of its new iPad mini and after its own Microsoft-built tablet, Surface, was slated in early reviews published overnight on Tuesday. The reviews praised the Windows 8 software on the Surface, but were quick to criticise the device for its apparently poor resolution, substandard camera and a lack of available apps.

Website Dropped in the Search Engines?

Has Your Website Dropped in the Search Engine Rankings?
What’s the first thing you do when your website rankings drop off the search engine radar? Do you wait a few days, review any recent changes to your Internet Marketing campaign and calmly monitor the situation.  Or do you reach for the panic button and start updating content, chasing keywords and all of the other Internet Marketing processes we are supposed to do.

Of course, there could be any number of reasons why your rankings might drop and the reality is, you may never find out exactly why. Google, as the most important (at the time of writing) of Search Engines is known to update its ranking criteria on a regular basis and then not tell anyone of the changes   So how can you be sure any changes you make won’t make the situation worse.  Here are a few top tips if your rankings plummet.

Waiting a while might be the best thing you can do. While the major engines are getting better than ever at ranking sites, fluctuations and algorithm shifts do occur and it could simply be that the changes to the search results are temporary. If after a week or so your rankings remain low for key search terms you previously ranked well for, double-check your site’s content, site structure, navigation and, if you have one, talk to your Internet Marketing consultant.

Look at your competition to see what they’re doing differently, review their website content and site structure for example, and evaluate who’s linking to you. It might be advisable to monitor the ongoing rankings of your main competition. Have they gone up or down? Can you see any obvious changes they made have made to their website?

Ensure your site is free of spam or anything that the major Search Engine may not like, for example, ‘keyword stuffing’ or ‘hidden content’. The Search Engines are now quite clever at identifying these black hat techniques. They should be avoided.

Most importantly, monitor the changes you make and the impact they may have, and use it to your advantage when there’s an upturn in your site’s search engine success.

Remember, Search Engine rankings will change – sometimes on a daily basis, so try to look at your rankings as an ‘ongoing guide’ to your current performance. Reacting in a measured and considered way will probably help you get back to where you want to be in the Search Engines.


New Northumbria Motors Website Launched

Guaranteed Car Finance Services from Northumbria Motors
Northumbria Car Sales, a North East based garage have become specialists in offering a guaranteed car finance service to people looking to finance a new vehicle. A family run business which has been established for over 15 years, Northumbria Car Sales have now approached Direct Submit to help promote their new website promoting this key range of services.

Having worked previously with this client to promote their Motorhome rental business, the client feels confident in the quality of SEO & Internet Marketing service offered by Direct Submit, that he has now decided to add this new car finance website to his portfolio.

We offer low cost and (proven) highly effective SEO packages to a range of clients, so why not contact Direct Submit SEO & Internet Marketing services to find out how we could help you make more of your website. Call us now for a free website appraisal on 0845 272 2350.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Choosing the Right Keywords for your SEO Project One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing for any SEO or web based project is the initial key phrase research.  Many businesses spend their time optimising for keywords that are virtually unattainable or little return or value. You should research your market to know where to invest your time and effort to get the most return from your investment.  With this in mind, here is a quick summary / guide to help you choose the right keywords for your online project.

Firstly, think about the core subject of your website. Write down all the keywords that you think people are most likely to use when searching for the information that you have and very Importantly canvass the opinion of other people such as friends, family and – importantly customers. Ask them what keywords they have used or think they would use to find your products or services on the Internet. This will often differ to what phrases you think they might search on.

Review & refine this key phrase list to gain your starting point. Next look into how often a potential key phrase is searched for and how competitive it might be. Use Google’s Adwords yword Research Tool to help with this research. If competitors are trying to buy your keyword(s) on Google Adwords, then it’s something people want.

Find out what keywords your competition uses. Look for the keyword tags in their website and source code to identify these keywords. To view a website’s keywords, while viewing the website in your browser click “Source” in your “View” menu. Once you have identified your key phrase list, you will need to apply these to your website content and optimisation process.

Choosing the best SEO keywords is extremely important to making your website work for you and the good thing about properly executed & researched SEO is that the work you do now will continually produce results for you for a long time to come.

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UK Sound Testing Services

Specialist UK Sound Testing Services
One of Direct Submits longest standing clients has recently launched a new specialist sound testing service for the UK building sector. Air Pressure Testing are providing  background noise surveys, noise at work assessments for small, mid sized and large workplaces with highly detailed and comprehensive reports detailing. They have asked us to help promote this new service to the Search Engines, further evidence that our SEO & Internet Marketing services continue to provide quality of service and excellent results.