The Importance of Marketing in the UK

Importance of Marketing in the UK
In the UK, many people don’t realise just how important Internet Marketing can be for their respective business. It can literally help make or breaks a business. Marketing is an integrated communications-based process through which individuals and communities discover that existing and newly-identified needs and wants may be satisfied by the products and services of others.

Internet marketing also referred to as i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or e Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. In another word, we can also say Internet marketing is targeted… you will reach your target market with internet marketing.

There are several news sites that will speak and tell about all the latest on the Internet marketing business. If there were any change in the marketing trend, you would instantly get to know about it. Blogs make a great source of information. You will find many well-written and informative blogs that will give you all the information and knowledge concerning the Internet marketing secrets. The Internet works as a well-established education system giving you all the knowledge that you seek.

Around the world online/ Internet Marketing continues to grow with more and more of the marketing spend moving online. It can say that Internet marketing is certainly the way of the future. The Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing, one of which being lower costs for the distribution of information and media to a global audience. Internet marketing is relatively inexpensive when compared to the ratio of cost against the reach of the target audience. Companies can reach a wide audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets. By this process your will be able to identify and quantify the market, and have the opportunity to increase your: Sales, Market Share and Brand.

Furthermore, marketing effectively online requires the right kind of preparation for your website. Many sites fail in that they generate traffic but they lack the kind of relevant content that retains the visitor, educates the prospect, and/or encourages the prospect to take action.

When people gather research online for an immediate or future purchase, they want ease and efficiency—or they’ll leave the site and go elsewhere.

In developing your next online marketing plan, follow these key steps to success: Identify and research your Market, Plan for the best site for an action, Position yourself in the marketplace by utilizing several marketing methods and last but not least be prepared to follow up and close deal.

Googles SEO Plans

Google’s SEO Plans
Matt Cutts of Google recently posted a rare overview of Google’s plans for the next few months for organic search – what website optimisers and webmasters can expect.

Summary of Key targets:

1. Stop advertorials that pass PageRank
2. Improve SERPs that are traditionally more spammy (adult, for example)
3. Better link analysis to deny value to link spammer
4. New hacked site detection methods and better webmaster communication about them
5. Detect true authorities better in various niches – better authority signals that could help moderate Panda impact
6. Improvements planned for host clustering – to make overly dominant results less common

During the overview, Matt Cutts said this was just a rough snapshot of the potential that’s in their mind right now.

It’s not a guaranteed promise because things can always change as these projects evolve and we all know of Google’s ever changing ‘rule base’.

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation
Got something to say? With Social Media Optimisation (SMO), it can help you spread the word about your company, brand, service or product. Social signals are now a very important part of the search engine algorithms and it should now be an essential part of any SEO strategy.

Social media optimisation is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization, as search engines are increasingly utilizing the recommendations of users of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to rank pages in the search engine result pages. The implication is that when a webpage is shared or “liked” by a user on a social network, it counts as a “vote” for that webpage’s quality. Thus, search engines can use such votes accordingly to properly rank websites in search engine results pages.

How important are Twitter and Facebook to my search rankings?
Very important. The search engines are now looking at what they call ‘social signals’. At the moment the main signal is how many likes and follows you have on Facebook and Twitter. Google want to display the most relevant sites at the top of their search results and the higher your number of likes and follows is a good indicator to them that your site is more relevant and and they will rank you site higher.

With almost 800 million people on Twitter and Facebook combined! There are literally millions of people out there, waiting to hear about your products and services.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing

Promoting Kids Fitness and Dance

Promoting Kids Fitness and Dance
Direct Submit are continuing to work with Kidz R Fit to help promote their diverse range of kids fitness and dance opportunities for children. The company have become very well known for helping convince both parents and the children that ‘children’s fitness can be FUN’ and encourage a healthy life style.

Kids R Fit provides children with a professional, supportive and friendly environment to take part in fitness activities, which benefit them socially, mentally and physically. Many of the fitness and dance packages are located within local within schools, nurseries, playgroups and communities, affording easy access for all.

Having done extremely well at a regional level Kidz R Fit are now looking to broaden their horizons and expand into the National Kids Fitness arena. The team at Direct Submit are pleased to be able to help Kidz R Fit continue on their business journey.

Grabbing the Prospects Attention

Grabbing the Prospects Attention
If you are not new to marketing, you have surely heard about the AIDA formula.

AIDA is an acronym for Attention – Interest – Desire – Action; these four mental steps are necessary for you to inspire in your prospect if you are selling her your product or service.

Attention – attract your potential customer’s attention; Interest – raise customers’ interest by focusing on advantages and benefits; Desire – convince customers that they want and desire your product and that it will satisfy their needs;
Action – lead customers toward your targeted action: ordering, purchasing, or subscribing.

This formula may be used to convert your virtual website visitors into real local and loyal buyers so its well worth spending some time to make sure your website meets these requirements.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

Fund to Train Cybersecurity Experts

University Fund to Train Cybersecurity Experts
A £7.5m university fund has been allocated to train cybersecurity experts in the UK.

High-level cybersecurity experts are to be trained at two university research centres, with £7.5m in government and research council funding. Royal Holloway, University of London and Oxford University will develop specialisms in resisting cyber-attacks. This will support the UK’s national cybersecurity programme.

“We must do everything we can to tackle this threat,” said Universities and Science Minister David Willetts.

From this autumn, two university centres will be set up to train postgraduate students in the increasingly sophisticated battle between hackers, on the one hand, and businesses and governments.

They will be funded by £5m from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and £2.5m from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. This is in addition to 30 GCHQ-sponsored PhD places, also supported by the national cybersecurity programme.

The government’s National Security Strategy classifies the cyber-attack threat as being on the same Tier One level as terrorism, and warns of risks from rogue states as well as criminals. According to the government, its own internet gateway faces an average of 33,000 “malicious emails” a month, which can contain links to “sophisticated malware”.

HTML Code and the Title Tag

HTML Code and the Title Tag
As most savvy website owners now know, search engine spiders or crawlers can only read text and when a search engine spider scan a website it actually scans the HTML code for that particular website. One important such piece of the HTML coding is the ‘Title Tag’. The title tag plays a crucial role in optimising any website, and Its content should reflect the overriding theme of the website with the search engines giving substantial importance to this tag.

The title tag offers the initial impression of the web site and its content for crawlers, and all the major search engines evaluate the relevance of the website on the basis of the keywords present in the Title tag. This tag is also displayed on the SERP and results contain the text included in Title tag.

The Title Tag holds significant weight and it should be crafted carefully and with some thought to ensure that it holds the offers SEO effectiveness and also appeal to the searchers.

Since the Title tag plays a vital role in determining your site’s ranking in the SERP, you need to pay a lot of attention to the words and the order in which they appear. You need to develop a crisply worded Title tag that includes your most relevant keyword phrases and performs the function of announcing the summary of your web page’s content. For example if the web site is about SEO, then the appropriate Title tag may be “Search Engine Optimisation | SEO Optimisation” etc. For example, a simple HTML title tag might look like this:

<Title> Search Engine Optimisation | SEO Optimisation</Title>

Though there are many views and opinions about on page factors and its importance in SEO, although most SEO experts would agree that the Title tag is highly significant within any SEO campaign. However, it should be remembered that good keyword placement and usage of key phrases can impact on positive rankings, especially when allied to the effective use and application of the title tag.