Getting Brides to your Business in the Digital Age

Getting Brides to your Business in the Digital Age
For those who work in the wedding industry, either as a photographer, caterer, an invitation artist, wedding stationary supplier, florist or something else altogether, their primary aim will be to get more brides to their business. Fortunately, there will never be a shortage of brides, and couples are still continuing to tie the knot at venues all over the UK.

However, with incredible competition between businesses, marketing to brides has never been more important. These days, a company can’t rely on brides to simply find them in the Yellow Pages – those days are long gone. They need to take steps to market to brides effectively in order to win much needed business.

An Optimised Website
Of course, one of the key ways to market a business is to keep a website. With most brides now using online search engines to look for products and services for their weddings, it’s vital that a company has an online presence in order to attract custom. We’re living in a digital age and businesses should keep this in mind when deciding if they should invest in a website.

Using SEO, a website can be fully-optimised for the search engines, ensuring it is as visible as possible search results. As well as employing the principles of SEO, a business should ensure that its website is well designed, professional and provides brides with adequate information about your services. High-quality images will also help in marketing your services to modern brides.

A Detailed Blog
As well as a website, which should be a prerequisite when starting a business, a blog should also be strongly considered. Whatever aspect of the wedding industry a company works in, it’s worth them recognising that brides don’t only view a website to hire services – they use it to gather inspirational ideas for their weddings. To appeal to these brides, companies should keep a detailed and informative blog. Blogs are a great way to improve a company’s visibility in the search engines, especially if relevant keywords are integrated into the copy strategically.

Connect with Brides via Skype
The digital age allows businesses to connect with brides like never before. With Skype – a video calling and chatting giant with over 45 million users, it’s possible to chat with brides face to face to win business and schedule real life meetings. Skype has actually been around for approaching 10 years, but it has changed and advanced to the point where it is now an indispensable tool for businesses who want to connect easily with customers.

Brides enjoy chatting face to face about their needs and requirements, some of which can be very personal to them, and so Skype can be an essential marketing tool for any business in the wedding industry. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which were once considered little more than a joke by businesses only a couple of years ago should also be capitalised on when connecting with brides.

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Pay Per Click Services (PPC)

Pay Per Click Services (PPC)
Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine marketing allows advertisers to quickly promote their services on the respective search engine using cost per click basis. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads appear at the top, right or bottom of organic search results shown by search engines. Only when someone ‘clicks’ on your advert do you incur a charge.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services have been managing pay per click (PPC) and Google advertising (Adwords) campaigns for many years. Our sole focus is to achieve high quality traffic for our clients through analytical analysis and management of their pay per click (PPC) and Google Adwords campaigns, and we are able to provide a fully managed service for your pay per click campaign(s).

Contact Direct Submit on 0845 272250 to see how we can help you make more of your Pay per Click campaign.

Glass Assist Windscreen Replacement Services

Glass Assist Windscreen Replacement Services
Glass Assist, who a one of the largest independent windscreen replacement service providers in the UK have recently asked Direct Submit to help them market their windscreen replacement and repair services website. As a growing company, operating throughout the UK, the website needs to have excellent Search Engine visibility across all of the major UK Search Engines.

Their website is currently under review and they have also recently started to operate their online presence under a new domain name,, which we at Direct Submit hope to help promote.


Looking at Pay Per Click Landing Pages

Pay Per Click Landing Pages
Setting up a Pay per Click campaign, such as Google Adwords and attracting visitors to your website will not necessarily create sales for your particular product or service. Having a poor quality landing pages could mean click thru’s – and therefore your money, are wasted by the client being taken to a page that does not provide the specific information the visitor is looking for.

Your landing pages should be a direct reflection of the copy used in your Pay per Click advert. Picking one generic page of your website to send every visitor to is not the right approach and, as I’ve already said, it’s likely that, with this approach, youl could well be losing potential sales and money with this approach.

Having your visitors land on the home page of your site is not the most effective strategy for any Pay per Click campaign. Look to have a targeted landing page to send your PPC clicks thru’s. Not only do you want the page to reflect the details from your Pay per Click advert but it is very important to have some sort of call to action items on your landing page.

If you want the visitor to call you don’t assume that they will know to do this. Make the contact telephone number and other contact details stand out as much as possible in multiple areas of the landing page.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person clicking your ad and anticipate where you would like to land. What would you think of the landing page? Would it induce you to part with you hard earned money?  Does the landing page offer the product advertised in the Pay per Click advert, is the page attractive and is there a call to action which is both simple and tested. Make sure it works!

Finally, check to make sure link is not broken on your advert. You would be amazed at how often this happens and it is a sure fire way to put a potential visitor off from visiting your website as well wasting your PPC campaign budget.

In short, if you want to make the most of your Pay per Click campaign, make sure you have good quality, advert specific landing pages set up.

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