SEO: The Solution to the Public Sector’s Recruitment Woes

SEO: The Solution to the Public Sector’s Recruitment Woes
Cyberspace is increasingly abuzz over search engine optimisation, or SEO. Businesses throughout the private sector are discovering how much more they traffic they can attract to their websites through SEO than with pay-per-click or more traditional forms of advertising, and in the current economic recovery, their sales and profits are increasing beyond their expectations.

But what does this have to do with the public sector, you may ask, when your agency’s goal is not to make money but to provide services to citizens?

The answer may surprise you. A May 13 article in HR Magazine highlights the problems faced by the UK’s public sector in filling vacancies for skilled workers, emphasizing that whereas the public sector often promises huge salaries, public sector employees enjoy greater job security and more favourable working conditions. In the Comments section, a reader makes the point that public agencies need to shift their recruitment model away from “an admin-intensive process” in favour of a more marketing-centred one in order to reach more relevant candidates.

This is where SEO can be your agency’s saving grace. Public agencies within the UK can overcome their recent difficulties in recruiting and retaining talent by drawing those skilled workers to their agency websites – and, more importantly, the recruitment pages – through keyword-driven information both on and off the website.

Public agencies have not historically allocated funds within their budgets for innovative marketing campaigns, but under the present circumstances, it’s worth making that commitment and even seeking funds from a grantor in order to accomplish the goal of filling key vacancies. SEO is a considerably less expensive proposition than more run-of-the-mill advertising campaigns, and given the difficulty with which new, tech-savvy graduates are finding employment, public agencies can and should do more to inform new graduates and other relevant candidates about career prospects within your agency, and there is no better way to do so than through keyword-driven information related to jobs as well as your agency’s mission, vision and values.

Your agency can advertise job openings far and wide, in hard copy and online, but casting too wide a net with your marketing strategy – or lack thereof, in the admin-intensive process alluded to above – will do considerably less good than specifically going after the candidates your agency wants to recruit. Your agency will benefit significantly in the long run by providing content, both on and off the website, that will attract the specific audience you need in order increase staffing levels and accomplish your agency’s goals. It’s time for the public sector to explore new avenues in order to compete with the private sector for skilled workers as the economy continues to recover, both for the direct benefit of the public sector and the long-term positive outcomes for the citizens of the UK.

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SEO and the Benefits for Your Business

SEO and the Benefits for Your Business
Businesses of all sizes in the 21st century rely very heavily on Internet marketing to sell their products and services and to be competitive within their respective industries. No one reading this article needs to be told how important it is for private firms or even for any public or charitable agency to have a website. Your efforts to build an online presence don’t end with the website, though, or even by reaching out to potential clients through Facebook or Twitter.

If your business is to succeed, you will need to attract meaningful traffic to your website so that potential clients will know what you have to offer and, ultimately, convert to actual clients. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, offers benefits to business that social media and other forms of advertising simply cannot match.

Higher Quality Traffic to Your Website
SEO marketing strategies arguably require more forethought than pay-per-click advertising campaigns in order to be successful, but the additional planning is well worth the trouble when you consider how many potential clients will be drawn to your website through keyword or key phrase searches related to a specific want or need that your business can fulfil.

Let’s say that you’ve just opened your city’s one-and-only CrossFit gym. Since CrossFit is an exercise program that caters to a wide variety of needs, you will need to put yourself in the mindset of all your desired clients and ask yourself what keywords or key phrases those clients might use in order to find you and deem you a good fit before ever contacting or visiting your gym. Most CrossFit trainers and gym owners already know that some potential clients are seasoned CrossFitters or very physically fit individuals looking for a training program that will help them achieve their elite fitness goals.

For these clients, such obvious keywords as “CrossFit (city name),” “workout of the day,” “WOD,” “metabolic conditioning” and so forth will draw clients to your gym who already know what to expect. Other potential clients will be sedentary individuals looking for an exercise program that will whip them into shape in a short period of time and provide the sort of community support and camaraderie that will keep them coming back; to reach these clients, your gym will need to rank high in Internet search results for more general keywords and key phrases, such as “losing weight,” “weight loss,” “belly fat,” “strength training,” “health,” “fitness” as well as phrases which include the city and county where your gym is located.

Although pay-per-click and other forms of advertising can be very useful in announcing your business’s presence online, individual adverts are not and never will be able to capture every keyword or key phrase of relevance to your target audience. For this reason, SEO succeeds where pay-per-click often fails. The key here is quality, not quantity.

A One-Time Investment
You can pay once for an effective SEO marketing strategy or pay repeatedly for pay-per-click adverts. Because SEO means having meaningful and reliable online content available to anyone searching for your chosen keywords and key phrases, a one-time investment in an SEO marketing campaign can pay off in spades compared to traditional print, broadcast or online advertising campaigns. And once your business’s SEO marketing strategy is implemented, your company website will rank ever higher in search results.

Think about it: search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing all list about 10 results per page. These days, most people don’t bother clicking past the first page of search results because of the decreased likelihood that the lower-ranking results will turn up what they are looking for. The competition for those ten spots on the first page of search results is intense, and for your company to gain the attention of potential clients, your website needs to be just that visible.

Direct Submit UK SEO Marketing Agency
Direct Submit is an Internet marketing agency serving the SEO marketing needs of businesses of all sizes across the UK. We are dedicated to providing a complete set of Internet marketing services that will achieve sales results for your business in an ethical manner.

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Luxury Car Dealer Invests in the Web

Luxury Car Dealer Invests in the Web
One of the UK’s leading prestige car dealers is now making the Internet and the Search Engines work harder for their business. Specialising in luxury and prestigious cars, PAC Motor Company are trusted by VIP’s, business executives and celebrities throughout the UK to deliver a discreet and efficient vehicle sourcing and management service.

With over thirty years experience in the motor trade  industry, Paul Cummings, who heads up the PAC Motors has the enviable position of being well known and respected in the prestige car industry, supplying all types of prestige vehicles including Land Rover, Bentley and Ferrari to a diverse range of clients including several well known celebrities.

They are experts in prestige and specialist used car sales and can arrange the part-exchange or sale of your current vehicle for your convenience. Why not view their current range of cars available by visiting their website, or give them a call on 0191 5675879.

Direct Submit continue to work with PAC motors to help promote their website across the Internet and in particular to the major Search Engine including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Why not give us a call on 0845 272 2350 or visit our website see how we can help make your website work harder for your business.

Blogger Fined over Review’s Google Search Placing

French Blogger Fined over Review’s Google Search Placing
A French judge has ruled against a blogger because her scathing restaurant review was too prominent in Google search results. The judge ordered that the post’s title be amended and told the blogger Caroline Doudet to pay damages.

Ms Doudet said the decision made it a crime to be highly ranked on search engines.

The restaurant owners said the article’s prominence was unfairly hurting their business.

Ms Doudet was sued by the owner of Il Giardino restaurant in the Aquitaine region of southwestern France after she wrote a blogpost entitled “the place to avoid in Cap-Ferret: Il Giardino”.

According to court documents, the review appeared fourth in the results of a Google search for the restaurant. The judge decided that the blog’s title should be changed, so that the phrase: “the place to avoid” was less prominent in the results.

The judge sitting in Bordeaux also pointed out that the harm to the restaurant was exacerbated by the fact that Ms Doudet’s fashion and literature blog “Cultur’elle” had around 3,000 followers, indicating she thought it was a significant number.

This decision creates a new crime of ‘being too highly ranked [on a search engine]’, or of having too great an influence’,” Ms Doudet told the BBC. “What is perverse, is that we look for bloggers who are influential, but only if they are nice about people,” she added.

The judge told Ms Doudet to amend the title of the blog and to pay €1,500 ($2,000; £1,200).

In her article, which has now been deleted, she complained of poor service and what she said was a poor attitude on the part of the owner during a visit in August 2013.

The owner took issue with the whole article. However, the judge limited her decision to its title.

The restaurateur did not respond to the BBC. But, according to the website Arrêt sur Images, she said: “Maybe there were some errors in the service, that happens sometimes in the middle of August – I recognise that. “But this article showed in the Google search results and did my business more and more harm, even though we have worked seven days a week for 15 years. I could not accept that. “People can criticise, but there is a way of doing it – with respect. That was not the case here.”

A French lawyer and blogger who writes under the pseudonym Maître Eolas, said: “It seems to me that the judge did not understand the technical issues.” He added that, in French law, this type of decision would not create legal precedence.

Under French law, a judge can issue an emergency order to force a person to cease any activity they find to be harming the other party in the dispute.

The summary decision is intended to be an emergency measure to protect the person deemed to be a victim and can be overturned or upheld if the parties go to a full hearing.

In order to issue the order under French law, the judge has only to identify a wrong on the defendant’s part, a negative effect on that of the appellant and a causal relationship between the two.

Ms Doudet said she did not believe she will appeal because she did “not want to relive weeks of anguish”. She added that, because the decision was taken at an emergency hearing, she did not have time to find legal representation, so had represented herself in court.

Importance of Local SEO to Your Business

Importance of Local SEO to Your Business
So your small, local business is up and running, and you have a website with basic information about who you are and what you provide and when. But does your target audience know your website exists? If not, then the awkward question arises: how do they know your business exists?

The benefits of local search engine optimisation are more specific to brick-and-mortar shops than to Internet-based companies. It is important for any firm with an online presence to use SEO to their advantage; however, for local businesses, local SEO can make the difference between potential customers in your own neighbourhood coming into your shop to buy a product and ordering it on Amazon.

Likewise, if you own a restaurant, you want the people who live and work in the surrounding area to be able to view your full menu online and know your days and hours of operation; otherwise, they may very well pass you up for the corner McDonald’s and settle for food that they might not even want, simply because they knew what to expect from McDonald’s but not from your establishment.

And how do you go about drawing traffic to your website in order to boost sales, you ask? Simple: through informational online content designed specifically to increase traffic to your website by making your website figure more prominently in Internet search results for certain keywords and key phrases. To continue with our restaurant example, let’s say that your restaurant in the city of Newcastle specialises in vegetarian cuisine, and you would like to bring this to the attention of people living in your town as well as any vegetarians who might be in Newcastle on business or for a family visit.

By providing online content using key phrases such as “vegetarian food Newcastle,” “vegetarian restaurants in Newcastle” and “vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Newcastle,” your website will very quickly rise to the top of Internet search results for these phrases. And when your establishment is among the top three results, the odds favour your potential clients becoming actual ones.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services Ltd. is a UK-based Internet marketing agency providing SEO services to organisations across the UK.

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Pay per Click Services for Businesses

Pay per Click Services for Businesses
Pay per Click (PPC) search engine marketing allows advertisers to quickly promote their services on the respective search engine using cost per click basis. Pay per Click (PPC) ads appear at the top, right or bottom of organic search results shown by search engines. Only when someone ‘clicks’ on your advert do you incur a charge.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services have been managing Pay per Click (PPC) and Google advertising (AdWords) campaigns for many years and we are now pleased to announce we have a new member of staff who specialises in mid to large budget PPC campaigns.

Our sole focus is to achieve high quality traffic for our clients through analytical analysis and management of their pay per click (PPC) and Google AdWords campaigns, and we are able to provide a fully managed service for your pay per click campaign(s).

Pay per Click is one of the most flexible forms of online marketing available. As required, we can update your budget within hours, set your campaign to run at certain times of the day and we can add/remove key search phrases as is needed. Due to this great flexibility Pay per Click marketing is very efficient and can be a highly effective form of advertising.

If you would like to discuss your PPC project or the many potential benefits that such campaign could bring to your business call us now on 0845 2722350 to arrange your FREE Pay per Click consultation

Direct Submit Pay per Click Services

Stairparts Direct – A Successful SEO Project

Stairparts Direct – A Successful SEO Project
Direct Submit continue to work with Stairparts Direct who specialise in the manufacture and supply of high quality stair parts. These include staircase spindles, newel posts, caps, bases and handrails are available in Pine, Sapele, Ash and Oak. The work we have done together with Stairparts Direct in relation the Search Engine Optimisation on online promotion have helped the company to develop a great online brand and identity.

We are now together with Stairparts Direct, taking the SEO project ahead and hope to make their website succeed on the Internet and help ensure the Internet Marketing project a success.

If you would like further information on how to make your website work harder for you, then why not visit the Direct Submit website one of our expert team on 0845 2722350 for a FREE SEO Consultation.

Looking into the Internet

Looking into the Internet
We at Direct Submit work with individuals & business people who have varying amounts of knowledge of what the Internet actually is and how it works. I recently found the following description on the BBC News website and thought it might be of interest to many.

What is the Internet?
The internet is a global network of computers that works much like the postal system, only at sub-second speeds. Just as the postal service enables people to send one another envelopes containing messages, the internet enables computers to send one another small packets of digital data.

For that to work, they use a common ’language’ called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). If you are on the net, you have an IP address.

When you send a letter, you don’t need to know about the vans, trains and planes that carry it to its destination, or how many post offices it passes through on the way. Nor do you need to know how your packets of internet data are transmitted through a variety of cables, routers and host computers on the way to their destination.

However, different packets can take different routes, which makes the internet relatively resilient. The failure of a particular node or host generally makes little or no difference to the rest of the system.

When you put an envelope in the post, it can contain many different types of data: a love letter, an invoice, a photograph, and so on. The internet’s data packets also carry different types of data for different applications. Common types include web pages, email messages, and large files that might be digital videos, music files or computer programs.

Today, the web is often used to provide an easy-to-use interface for numerous applications, including email, file transfer, Usenet newsgroups, and messages (Internet Relay Chat). This makes the web and the internet appear to be the same thing. However, these applications existed before the web was invented, and can still run without it.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

The Town House Hotel in Durham

The Town House Hotel in Durham
Direct Submit are pleased to announce they are now working with the Town House Hotel in Durham to help promote their luxury accommodation and award winning restaurants. They offer 11 completely indulgent and individually designed rooms in Durham City centre, all located in a Georgian Grade II listed Town House with secluded Garden Apartments.

Specialising in local Internet Marketing, our approach to effective Internet Marketing includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and additional online marketing tools used to gain the attention of potential customers and the search engines. Our portfolio of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation services (SEO) are carried out by experts who will optimise your site for the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

So, if like The Town House Hotel in Durham, you would like to make your website work harder for your business, call us now on 0845 272 2350 or email us at to speak to one of our Internet Marketing Consultants for advice on making your Web Marketing project a success.

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