Benefits to Business of Internet Marketing and SEO

Benefits to Business of Internet Marketing and SEO
Virtually everyone has access to the Internet these days. If you own a business, it now goes without saying that your desired client base is online, and online searches for products and services are now the rule rather than the exception. What’s more, most people don’t bother scrolling past the first page of search results. This means that for maximum online visibility and the best chance of increased sales, you need to be among the “top 10” for a given search by choosing keywords and key phrases that are specific enough to your business and physical location (if you have a brick-and-mortar shop) to put you at the top of search results for your category of business.

Breaking into the top 10 of search results happens through a form of Internet marketing known as search engine optimisation, or SEO. Unlike pay-per-click and other, more traditional forms of advertising, SEO offers returns over the long term on a one-time investment. The name of the SEO game is making your website work for you by publishing high-quality online content which effectively uses keywords and key phrases to draw traffic to your website.

You may be wondering exactly how one makes all of this happen. While there are several different ways to go about it, one of the best places to start is by adding a blog to your website. A company blog can also be a very effective way to add a more human touch to your online presence. This can be as simple as using your Twitter account to send out short one-liners accompanied by a link to a noteworthy and relevant piece of online news, or it can be a full-fledged blog on your company website that keeps your audience up-to-date on what you and your staff are doing to continually improve your service (or tailor it to changing consumer needs and preferences). Not much of a writer?

Don’t have the time? Not to worry: a reputable Internet marketing company can do the legwork for this and other aspects of your online marketing campaign so that you can focus your time and energy on the core business. To maintain your blog’s reach, encourage visitors to your website to sign up to receive updates via email every time your blog is updated.

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The Beautiful Shutter Company

The Beautiful Shutter Company
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Selecting the Right Keywords for your Business

Selecting the Right Keywords for your Business
One of the most important – and often glossed over – tasks you should do when researching and creating your list of keywords you want your website to rank well in the major Search Engines for. Keyword research is not too difficult and there are several online tools (free and fee based) that will you in this process. So what should you be doing? Here’s a summary of the basic process involved:

Brainstorm the Keywords to use.
Brainstorm and write down a list of keywords and phrases that describe your products and services. Crucially important, yet often missed by web managers, is to include the keywords you think your customers might use when searching for you or your competitors. Another useful approach is to ask some of your customers what they might type into the Search Engines such as Google or Bing if they were searching for the products and services your business offers. We would also suggest it good practice to include brand and business names.

Include any Known Keywords Successes
To your target list of keywords and phrases add any keywords or phrases that you know or recognise which currently brings qualified traffic and business to your website. Where can you get this information? Well, ask your employees, ask your customers and, assuming you have access to web analytics such as Google Analytics (free) or other website analytics software – you should be able to identify these key phrases here.

Research the Best keywords for your Project
Now use your list of key phrases and, perhaps by using a free keyword tool, try and identify those key phrases which will work well for you. Using the likes of the Google keyword tool, you should be able to note those key phrases your potential customers really do use and type into the Search engines to locate the products and services your are looking to promote.

Online tools such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool provides:

  • Keyword data by specific countries & territories
  • Search volumes and trends
  • Competition levels for key phrases

There are several other keyword tools available to help you identify the right key phrases for your project and these include: Bing (free), Word tracker (free and paid), Word stream (free and paid), and Keyword Discovery (free and paid).

When you’re finished your key phrase research then you should end up with a clear and relevant list of keywords / key phrases to use together with their local monthly search volume.

Finalise your list of Keyword Targets
By now you should now have a good list of keywords you want your business to use on the web pages you want to be found for, and remember that you can set up a specific set of key phrases for each individual page in your website.

Add these key phrases to your respective pages and remember it may be, for example when creating a ‘landing page’ for an AdWords campaign, to that you need to build a new page based around a specific phrase(s).

You should note that when populating your web pages with these phrases that you should always write copy for the end user, not specifically just for the Search engines. Keyword / key phrase density refers to the number of times a phrase is included in the content on a page. Repeating the phrase too often may well be considered spam by the likes of Google and should be avoided.

Good quality, relevant and well written content – aimed at the site visitor – should be the order of the day.

Tracking your Rankings
Keep an eye on your Search engine rankings for a key phrase and help direct your strategic and tactical efforts, which should also enable you to refine and update your targeted key phrases. For example if you find that you have a selection of relatively low competition keywords ranking in positions  3–10, then the chances are that pushing some great content out that links to those pages will give those pages the boost they need to get to the top.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet Marketing
If you would like some assistance with any aspect of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet Marketing project, call Direct Submit now on 0845 2722350 or visit the Direct Submit website for further information and guidance.

Promoting Your Business through Internet Marketing and SEO

Promoting Your Business through Internet Marketing and SEO
Business owners: have you Googled yourself lately? If not, do it now. Go on, type in the name of your business and see what comes up. If the name of your business is Joe’s Auto Repairs, then your search will likely bring up Joe’s Repair Shop (Surrey), Joe’s Auto Body Care (Chester), Joe’s Automotive Ltd. (Towcester), Joe’s Car Repairs (London) and perhaps also a smattering of like-named businesses in America. Which business is yours, and how do you get people in your area to come to your shop and not to some other Joe who does auto repairs?

Well, you don’t need to come up with a more unique name for your business, but you do need to learn how to use search engine optimisation, or SEO, to make your company stand out and for promoting your business to the vehicle owners who are most likely to come to you for repairs. Following are three ways in which SEO can draw interested clients to your website and, ultimately, your shop.

Keyword Research. Your target audience is searching online with specific keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your business, whatever that may be. You need to know what those keywords and key phrases are, and Internet marketing companies have the ability to research that information for their clients. Tap into that resource.

Rankings. The major search engines rank websites, in part, according to how prominently certain keywords figure in the website’s content. More specific keyword searches will set your business apart from the competition and result in higher rankings, which translates to greater visibility for your website and, ultimately, more sales.

Social Media. Yet another opportunity for enhancing your online presence is through social media. If you already have a website, then you should also have a Facebook page and Twitter feed. Even businesses with stale websites are able to keep in touch with current and prospective clients by posting and Tweeting on a regular basis and interacting with their target audience.

If you know which keywords your clients are using to find businesses like yours, then it pays to make use of them in your posts and elsewhere. Best of all, your Facebook page, Tumblr account and whatever else you’re using to stay in touch with clients get their own separate rankings in search results. In other words, one can keep you front and centre even when the other does not.

As impressive or even overwhelming as they may seem, these considerations are simply scratching the surface when it comes to Internet marketing and SEO. Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services can do all this and much more to increase traffic to your website and generate interest in your company. Direct Submit works with businesses of all sizes to develop effective SEO marketing campaigns that deliver lasting results.

Let Direct Submit show you just how profitable your company can be. For more information or to speak with one of our Internet marketing consultants, call us today on 0845 272 2350 or visit