Select Good Keywords for Your Business

Select Good Keywords for Your Business
Single word key phrases are usually a poor choice when optimising the copy on your website, this is because single key phrases / words are generally too broad and very competitive. Most SEO companies will encourage the client to avoid these type of single word phrases / terms for this reason.

In general, and based on our experience in optimising web page copy, we find that two and three word phrases are not only easier to rank for, they typically send you much higher quality traffic.

The best keywords are 2 to 4 word phrases that accurately describe what you offer using everyday language that searchers are likely to type in, and which aren’t so competitive that you have no chance of getting on the front page within a reasonable period.

If your keywords are too general then they’ll likely be too competitive, and even if you rank well on them your traffic might not convert well, since searchers are usually looking for something specific. But if your keywords are too specific then few people will search for your terms and you’ll get few potential visitors.

Common mistakes in selection of search terms include targeting include single word terms, terms that are way too broad and not focused to what you offer, terms that are too specialised (e.g. industry specific terminology), or phrases that are highly-competitive and are often very difficult to rank well for.

In summary, the ideal is to find search terms that are highly relevant to what you offer, popular enough so that they result in good levels of traffic to your website, but not so competitive that you can’t achieve good listing in the major search engines.

So how do you find out which key phrases are aright for your business? If you’re not sure how – or are simply too busy running your business and want to leave the SEO to a specialist, then contact Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services or call 0845 2722350 and let us make your website work harder for you on the Internet.

Promoting Office Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

Promoting Office Cleaning Services in Edinburgh
Direct Submit are pleased to announce they are now working with Complete Cleaning Contracts, professional commercial cleaning services located close to the centre of Edinburgh. Working with the client, our aim is to help them promote their office and domestic cleaning services which are suitable for all types of business and home environments. commercial cleaning services pride themselves on being highly client focused, offering a professional and client focussed service at a great cost.

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Google: Amazon is Biggest Search Rival

Google: Amazon is Biggest Search Rival
Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said the firm’s biggest rival in online search is e-commerce giant Amazon. Mr Schmidt fought back at claims that Google enjoyed unrivalled dominance of the online search market. “Many people think our main competition is Bing or Yahoo. But, really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon,” he said in a speech in Berlin.

Google is in the middle of a European Union probe into its search engine after anti-trust complaints. In February, it avoided paying what could have resulted in billions in fines when it agreed to give equal standing to rival services such as Microsoft in its search results.

But Mr Schmidt pointed out that competition in the online world “isn’t always like-for-like”. “People don’t think of Amazon as search, but if you are looking for something to buy, you are more often than not looking for it on Amazon,” he said. “They are obviously more focused on the commerce side of the equation, but, at their roots, they are answering users’ questions and searches, just as we are.”

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has been in the news recently for moves beyond its core e-commerce business. In August, it bought live-streaming gaming network Twitch Interactive for about $970m (£603m), marking the biggest acquisition its 20-year history. Google was earlier reported to be in talks to buy Twitch.

However, even though Google holds the dominant position of accounting for more than 90% of the online search market, Mr Schmidt said he was still weary of the “next Google”. “Someone, somewhere in a garage is gunning for us. I know, because not long ago we were in that garage. Change comes from where you least expect it,” he added.

A Redesign of your Website

Considering a Redesign of your Website
A website redesign most commonly begins with sourcing of a web design company to undertake the project on behalf of a company. Why would yo do this? Many look at their current design and think the website needs ‘brought up to date’ or updated to represent the companies new and improved image. So where to begin?

Many companies start the process by assigning someone in the office the task of acquiring quotes from a list of web solution companies, many found on the web, other through local knowledge.

To achieve optimal results from this approach it has been suggested that the following information needs to be thought about ‘before’ the project begins.

  1. List the goals and objectives for your business and for your website. Do they align with each other? They should.
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. List your competitive advantages. Does your current web site highlight these advantages? If not, it should.
  4. What kind of feedback are you getting on your current website (if you have one)? What is currently working and what may need reworking?
  5. Examine your competitor’s websites. What are they doing well or maybe not so well? What could you learn from their website?
  6. What information would make your company stand out from competitors? Promote this information on the website.

A website can help drive new or repeat business. It can help improve your companies profile and give you a competitive advantage, so it is worth taking your time and getting the design and content just right.

It is also crucial to make sure your web design company understands effective ‘Internet Marketing’ and how the search engines work. They should know how to set up your website so that it has the potential to list well in the likes of Google and Yahoo for key phrases important to your business. Get this ‘Internet Marketing’ issue wrong and your website won’t be an asset to the business.

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Symantec to Break in Two

Symantec the Latest Company to Split in Two
US software maker Symantec is the latest tech company to announce that it will split its operations into two. The Norton antivirus software maker said it would spin off operations into two publicly traded firms, one focused on security and the other on storage.

The move follows similar operational division by tech giants Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Yahoo.Analysts said the break-up by struggling Symantec would make it more attractive for takeovers.

Potential buyers like Cisco and NetApp are likely to show interest in Symantec’s California-based businesses, said Piper Jaffray analyst Andrew Nowinski.

Its earnings growth and share price, impacted by slow PC sales, has lagged behind other software makers and led Symantec to fire two chief executives since 2012.

The company’s revenue fell 3% to $6.7bn (£4.1bn) in its recent fiscal year on a struggling storage business, while operating income fell almost 20%.

Making a Website Work for your Business

Making a Website Work for your Business
As we approach the close of 2014, we at Direct Submit thought it might be useful to repost the following blog article. This is about the third time the blog has been posted but we always seem to get a great response from clients.

We have had a few clients of late ask how to make their website ‘work for their business’, with many having invested considerable amounts into a website that doesn’t appear to doing anything to help their business or generate interest in their products or services. In a perfect world, SEO would be developed while a website is still in infancy. While this ideal situation rarely occurs, the following steps summarise the process as it should occur every time.

Key Phrase Strategy and Website Development
Before building your website, you must have a keyword strategy. Select key phrases that are relevant to your business and receive an acceptable level of traffic. It is often appropriate, particularly for smaller / new businesses, to avoid the most competitive phrases where the level of competition you would be up against would be significant. You can always develop to these phrases as your business grows.

Once you have selected your keywords you can begin to develop the website using basic SEO site structure principles. These include the Meta titles, Meta descriptions, linking strategy, clear site navigation, optimised coding and great content.

Web Analytics
Try to include some web analytics platform that will allow you to monitor users are coming from and what search terms they are using. One free example is Google Analytics which provides a reasonable level of feedback on the traffic levels and sources to your website. This information will enable you to monitor and update your website to try and achieve the best results possible within your market sector.

Driving Traffic to the Website
Obvious really, but look to get your web pages listed in the main search engines as quickly as you can.  You can submit the website, but also look to get your URL linked to from websites already in the search engines. Subscribe to directories and develop a strategy for effective link building. Remember, with links, it’s about quality, not quantity; a handful of links on top-notch sites is worth hundreds of links on irrelevant, insignificant sites.

Incorporate off site and traditional marketing methods. For example, include your web address on your stationary and have it displayed on the side of company vehicles.

Consider employing the services of an Internet Marketing specialist to help with the Search Engine process. At Direct Submit we regularly see clients who have spent thousands on a website assuming, the traffic will just come, only to find their lovely looking website is not SEO friendly and they have no identifiable SEO strategy in place.

Monitor, Evaluate & Refine
After you campaign has run for a time, review and look to assess how the project has been working. Are your keywords receiving the most traffic and bringing in the best ROI, is your website listed in the major search engines and do you need to update /refine the website content.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing

A Quick Guide to Effective Website Optimisation

A Quick Guide to Effective Website Optimisation

Overall design.
Try to include effective search engine optimisation concepts when planning and designing your website. There are certain design issues that you need to be aware of. These include trying to avoid frames, FLASH driven sites or designs with a lack of textual content.

Create an effective title.
Make sure that your title has keywords that represent your site effectively. For the most part the title should be short but always include your keyword(s).

Include important content in your pages.
The actual text on your website is very important. Search engines (spiders) read this to determine rankings. Some engines will place a higher rating of importance based on where they find the text in your page. Closer to the top is usually better, but having keywords throughout your page develops a “theme” and that too is important.

Good Content should be your number one priority.
Your quest for high placement must start with a good website. It is important to have a lot of text describing what you do. Use your keywords in the content, but don’t repeat them over and over. Many search engines rate sites based on ‘keyword density’. This is usually a formula that looks at META Keywords, words in your TITLE, words in paragraph text, words in links to other pages, and even words in the ‘ALT’ text on your images.

Don’t include too many images.
Many web pages are almost all images driven with little or no textual content. Search engines will typically only see the image name, for example ‘yourimage.jpg’, and ‘yourimage.jpg’ doesn’t go far in terms of content and relevancy.

Add Links to your web pages.
We can’t emphasis enough the importance of links, both from your page to other pages. First consider links on your pages. Make sure they relate to what you do (and keywords that are important to you). Links from others website’s. Some search engines place a very heavy rating of importance on how many other sites in their index have links to your website.

Finally and very importantly, don’t try to fool the search engines.
This is probably the biggest trap people fall into. People will always come up with ways to try and ‘fool’ the search engines, which may work for a little while. Eventually though the search engines wail discover these tricks and write routines that penalize sites that use this practice. Examples of this include, but are not limited to: repeating keywords over and over; using invisible text (white text on white background); using very small text to jam the keywords in a small area.

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Internet Marketing and Social Media

Internet Marketing and Social Media: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know
If you own a business, then you most likely also have a website advertising your products and services.  This website, you may think, advertises your business online so that you don’t have to burden yourself with “sales and marketing”.

But do you know this for a fact? When you hear the word “marketing”, what are you thinking of?

People in slick suits luring in unsuspecting victims and finding clever ways to stop just short of lying in order to sell a product?

If this is how you see marketing, then it’s time to take a fresh look at the concept, since much has changed just in the past decade. Consumers are more savvy than ever these days, and they know a sleazy sales pitch when they hear it. Marketing is about much more than getting the sale; it’s about building relationships so effectively that your products sell themselves – not only because people need what you have to offer, but also because they feel an affinity with your company or brand.

As a business owner, you of all people know just how well you can deliver the goods as compared with the competition. In order to get people to come to you instead of the competition, they have to have a positive association or, more specifically, a feeling of kinship that will make them happy to pay for your products and services and happy that they’re available in the first place. One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to do this is through social media.

Social media are much more than a means through which to expand an advertising campaign; it’s an opportunity to interact with current and future clients that simply did not exist in years past. Smart business owners know that the way to build and maintain relationships with their clientele in today’s online world is by personalising the experience and by addressing specific consumer needs and wants. In other words, you want to cultivate the “you” view and make it all about your client.

Doing so lets her know that you’re in the business of helping her to live a better life as a result of what you are offering. Business owners looking to increase their online visibility should pursue all options related to social media as one facet of a broader Internet marketing campaign that also includes search engine optimisation, or SEO, in order to have the greatest possible impact.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services will help you make the most of your Internet marketing options and work with you using language you can understand. If you want to increase sales through effective Internet marketing but are at a loss as to where to begin, let Direct Submit develop a tailor-made Internet marketing campaign that will maximise your available resources at a fraction of the cost associated with more traditional forms of advertising.

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