Redesign of your Website

A Redesign of your Website
A website redesign most commonly begins with sourcing of a web design company to undertake the project on behalf of a company. Why would you do this? Many look at their current design and think the website needs ‘brought up to date’ or updated to represent the companies new and improved image. So where to begin?

Many companies start the process by assigning someone in the office the task of acquiring quotes from a list of web solution companies, many found on the web, other through local knowledge.

To achieve optimal results from this approach it has been suggested that the following information needs to be thought about ‘before’ the project begins.

  1. List the goals and objectives for your business and for your website. Do they align with each other? They should.
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. List your competitive advantages. Does your current web site highlight these advantages? If not, it should.
  4. What kind of feedback are you getting on your current website (if you have one)? What is currently working and what may need reworking?
  5. Examine your competitor’s websites. What are they doing well or maybe not so well? What could you learn from their website?
  6. What information would make your company stand out from competitors? Promote this information on the website.

A website can help drive new or repeat business. It can help improve your companies profile and give you a competitive advantage, so it is worth taking your time and getting the design and content just right.

Get this ‘Internet Marketing’ issue wrong and your website won’t be an asset to the business!

It is also crucial to make sure your web design company understands effective ‘Internet Marketing’ and how the search engines work. They should know how to set up your website so that it has the potential to list well in the likes of Google and Yahoo for key phrases important to your business.

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£748m Boxing Day Internet Sales Predicted

£748m Boxing Day Internet Sales Predicted
According to data firm Experian and online retailing trade association IMRG, internet shoppers are expected to spend £748m on Boxing Day, or £519,000 a minute. They also predict some 167 million visits to online retail sites, up 29% on 2013, during the day.

If you are missing out on this ever expanding market, give Direct Submit a call on 0845 2722350 or visit our website – – and let us help your business tap into this great opportunity.

Is your Website Optimised or are you just being Optimistic?

Is your Website Optimised or are you just being Optimistic?
For many businesses the focus when starting out on their Internet campaign is the design of a great looking website, a website that not only looks good but also reflects the right image for the business. However, it is also very important that the company website lists well in the major search engines and many businesses quickly move to measuring the value of their website in terms of the number of visitors to the website. Why, because what is the point of having a great looking website if no one can find it and it attracts only minimal traffic. Businesses quickly become aware that increased levels of traffic can potentially lead to potential for increased sales and market profile.

One thing to consider is that over 80% of all Internet traffic comes from the major search engines with Google, Yahoo and MSN currently responsible for the vast majority of all Internet traffic. With such an overwhelming amount of traffic coming from the search engines, it makes sense to put a lot of effort getting your website noticed.

Regardless of how you measure the success of your website, the bottom line is that to succeed on the Internet you are going to have to bring more visitors that are looking for the information, content and/or products that you are providing.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

Promoting 2 Tone Wedding Photographers

Direct Submit & 2 Tone Photography (North East)
Direct Submit are pleased to announce they are now working with 2 Tone Photographers, an award winning wedding photographer in Newcastle and the North East. Already an established and trusted photographer, we will be working with the client to help them to raise their online presence and helpincrease their market profile.

If you would like more information on how Direct Submit could help your business grow on the Internet then why not call us today on 0845 2722350 and make your website work harder for you.

SEO and Link Development

SEO and Link Development
Search engines love links, and so should you in developing your Internet Marketing project.  On page Search Engine Optimisation, whilst important should represent only a part of your SEO strategy, acquiring quality, relevant in-bound links should also be high on your agenda. Examples of good inbound links would include:

A) Links from a website or directory that relates closely to your content or market sector. B) Links located within the body of the content of the source website, using ‘anchor text’ based on your keywords or key phrase in them. c) Direct links not just your homepage but, where appropriate, to the relevant content pages.

We all know that links are a core part of Google’s ranking algorithm, but often achieving these good quality links is more difficult than it looks. In some case you could consider paying for inks from quality directories or upgrading a free link to one that includes a key phrase rich text link to a page within your site.

Make sure you have the type of quality content that makes people want to link to you. That old SEO statement still rings true, ‘Content is King’.  Not only will this approach help generate link popularity, but it will also help you in other ways, too.

Search engines love good quality relevant content, all of which will help you succeed with your ongoing SEO campaign.

How do you find out who’s already linking to you? Go to Yahoo search, type in linkdomain:www. and it will return a list of sites that are linking to you. Google offers the same thing (type Note that in our experience, Yahoo returns more comprehensive results with Google often limiting the results it delivers from these requests.

Our advice would always be to focus on quality and relevance when developing you linking strategy. Low quality links from spam sites or link farms could hurt your rankings and the golden rule should always be ‘quality, not quantity’.

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Effective Website Optimisation – A Quick Guide

Effective Website Optimisation – A Quick Guide
Overall design. Try to include effective search engine optimisation concepts when planning and designing your website. There are certain design issues that you need to be aware of. These include trying to avoid frames, FLASH driven sites or designs with a lack of textual content.

Create an effective title. Make sure that your title has keywords that represent your site effectively. For the most part the title should be short but always include your keyword(s).

Include important content in your pages. The actual text on your website is very important. Search engines (spiders) read this to determine rankings. Some engines will place a higher rating of importance based on where they find the text in your page. Closer to the top is usually better, but having keywords throughout your page develops a “theme” and that too is important.

Good Content should be your number one priority. Your quest for high placement must start with a good website. It is important to have a lot of text describing what you do. Use your keywords in the content, but don’t repeat them over and over. Many search engines rate sites based on ‘keyword density’. This is usually a formula that looks at META Keywords, words in your TITLE, words in paragraph text, words in links to other pages, and even words in the ‘ALT’ text on your images.

Don’t include too many images. Many web pages are almost all images driven with little or no textual content. Search engines will typically only see the image name, for example ‘yourimage.jpg’, and ‘yourimage.jpg’ doesn’t go far in terms of content and relevancy.

Add Links to your web pages. We can’t emphasis enough the importance of links, both from your page to other pages. First consider links on your pages. Make sure they relate to what you do (and keywords that are important to you). Links from others website’s. Some search engines place a very heavy rating of importance on how many other sites in their index have links to your website.

Finally and very importantly, don’t try to fool the search engines. This is probably the biggest trap people fall into. People will always come up with ways to try and ‘fool’ the search engines, which may work for a little while. Eventually though the search engines wail discover these tricks and write routines that penalize sites that use this practice. Examples of this include, but are not limited to: repeating keywords over and over; using invisible text (white text on white background); using very small text to jam the keywords in a small area.

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Premier Electrical Supplies (North East)

Premier Electrical Supplies (North East)
Direct Submit are now working with Premier Electrical Supplies (Newcastle) who can supply all your electrical needs directly using our delivery vehicles, with direct deliveries throughout Newcastle and the North East. Their new website is now live and provides access to a catalogue of electrical supplies including cables, light fittings, power tools, fuse boxes, test instrument and much more.

For more information on how we are able to assist you make more of your website, please call Direct Submit now on 0845 2722350 or visit our website.