Google Rejects EU’s Search Abuse Complaint

Google Rejects EU’s Search Abuse Complaint
Google has rejected the EU’s objections to how it displays shopping links in its search results as “wrong as a matter of fact, law and economics”. Europe’s competition commissioner accused the firm of abusing its dominance in search in April. Her intervention followed complaints from price comparison services that they were being unfairly disadvantaged by the prominence of Google’s own ads.

The US firm has now filed its formal response.

Google says its shopping service – which appears as a box of images and links displayed at the top or right-hand side of other results – benefits customers and businesses without unlawfully distorting the market. It also rejects the EU commissioner Margrethe Vestager’s suggestion that it should show ads sourced and ranked by other companies within the facility.

Its defence rests on three arguments:
Fact: Google says that the amount of traffic it has directed to the relevant “aggregator websites” has risen by 227% over the past decade, rather than fallen. Moreover, a study it carried out covering four EU nations indicated that dozens of new price comparison services had begun operation, which it believes indicates that it has not choked off competition.

Law: The search giant denies it has a duty to direct traffic to its rivals. It says its search engine should not be likened to the supply of electricity or gas, since there are many other ways to access the internet.

Economics: Google believes the EU has failed to appreciate the dynamism of a market where consumers frequently search for goods via the likes of Amazon, eBay and social networks including Pinterest.

Artificially Boosted Ads
Google accounts for more than 90% of EU-based web searches. Four months ago, the 28-nation bloc’s competition commissioner issued a “statement of objections” against the company, beginning a process that could ultimately lead to a large fine and compulsory measures to make it change its behaviour.

“I’m concerned that Google has artificially boosted its presence in the comparison shopping market with the result that consumers may not necessarily see what’s most relevant for them, or that competitors may not get the commercial opportunity that their innovative services deserve,” declared Ms Vestager.

A spokesman for Ms Vestager confirmed she had received Google’s reply.

“We will carefully consider Google’s response before taking any decision on how to proceed and do not want to prejudge the final outcome of the investigation,” Ricardo Cardoso told the BBC.

FairSearch Europe, a lobby group that represents Microsoft and Expedia, among others, was one of the complainants against Google. It said it saw nothing in the search firm’s defence that would change its mind.

“The Commission has properly defined the market into which Google has leveraged its overwhelming dominance in search, namely the shopping (price) comparison market,” said its spokesman Thomas Vinje. “Google has decimated competition in that market by preferencing its own product comparison service in its search results, and consumers have been harmed – and paid higher prices – because Google has cornered the shopping comparison market.”

But, in a blog post, Google’s lawyer Kent Walker denies his firm is behaving in an anti-competitive manner.

Are You Searching for New Business?

Are You Searching for New Business?
Local Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) and effective Internet Marketing can help your business rank well in the major Search Engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will help local customers easily find your products and services when they search on the Internet using related key phrases.

Many studies have shown that the natural listings are wherein excess of 80% of people locate a service provider or business when they are looking for a local product or service; our affordable Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) and effective Internet Marketing packages will provide your business with a potential source of both leads and sales.

More and more people are using the search engines to search for such as Guaranteed Car Finance North East or Van Hire Newcastle and it is reported to be one of the fastest growing areas for ‘searches’ online.

Direct Submit have the experience and expertise to ensure you capitalise on local search traffic for your business.

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Promoting Business on the Internet

Promoting Business on the Internet
Most businesses these days understand the power of the Internet for expanding the firm’s clientele. Businesses that ignore the benefits of having an official website do so at their peril; if you don’t develop the image you present to the world via cyberspace, then any number of online directories with independent reviewers will develop an incomplete one for you. While websites dedicated to rating and reviewing different companies’ products and services are an excellent resource for people who have a need for what your business provides, you don’t want these websites to be a potential client’s only way of knowing what you have to offer.

Developing and maintaining a website not only helps to promote your business; it can often mean the difference between a consumer knowing exactly – and in your words – what your business offers and having to rely entirely on reviews from past customers, some of whom might have given a low rating or negative review simply because your entirely worthy product or service was not the one that suited the negative reviewer’s needs at the time.

One such business, one of Direct Submits longest standing clients has recently launched a new specialist sound testing service for the UK building sector. Air Pressure Testing are providing  background noise surveys, noise at work assessments for small, mid-sized and large workplaces with highly detailed and comprehensive reports detailing. They have asked us to help promote this new service to the Search Engines, further evidence that our SEO & Internet Marketing services continue to provide quality of service and excellent results.

The power of SEO While the majority of both public agencies and private firms understand the importance of a well-designed and regularly updated website as a tool for communicating with current and future clients, not so many have discovered the benefits of search engine optimisation, or SEO, for enhancing their online presence and promoting their products and services.

Simply put, SEO entails developing meaningful online content, in the form of general articles, company blog posts and your own web copy, containing keywords and key phrases that potential clients are using to locate companies like yours through online searches.

The more specific your keywords and key phrases, the more prominently your business will appear in search results and the more new customers you will attract as a result. It’s also a well-known fact that most people using online search typically don’t bother clicking beyond the first page of search results, so an effective SEO marketing campaign will include very specific key words and phrases which appear well on the first page of the likes of Google.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services
Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services has emerged as one of Britain’s leaders in Internet marketing and search engine optimisation services for organisations of all sizes. Direct Submit embraces the philosophy that the most effective SEO campaigns are ethically sound and provide a mutual benefit to both the business and the client seeking your services.

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UK Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search Engine Optimisation & Website Promotion
Do you know that there are estimated to be in excess of over twenty billion pages listed on the World Wide Web. Those in the know suggest this number is increasing every day? It makes sense then that your online presence should ideally be noticed despite these huge numbers of web pages and, if  at all possible, you would want to be included in first page results on the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing search results?

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Direct Submit Internet Marketing Website Launch

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Website Launch
Direct Submit has recently launched their new and improved website. The website includes all of those SEO and Internet Marketing services that the company provide services for, and the feedback to date has been the website offers a far improved user experience.

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Office Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

Office Cleaning Services in Edinburgh
Direct Submit are continuing to work with Complete Cleaning Contracts, professional commercial cleaning services in Edinburgh City Centre and the surrounding areas.

Working with the client, our aim is to help them promote their office and domestic cleaning services which are suitable for all types of business and home environments. commercial cleaning services pride themselves on being highly client focused, offering a professional and client focussed service at a great cost.

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SEO for Small Business

SEO for Small Business
You might have a great website – but do enough people know about it? Do you have a website that doesn’t seem to contribute much to your business or are thinking of developing a new online business?

Chances are that you’re looking for ways to promote your website, call us now and let us show you how to attract qualified visitors to your website. Well, how do you optimise your website to attract the traffic you want?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of improving the level of traffic of your website through the use of targeted keywords that are likely to be searched by customers searching for the products or services your business offers. Even if your website looks attractive and is beautifully designed, if it is not optimised properly then it will be unlikely to attract traffic and it is not going to help your business as much as it could without some basic SEO optimisation.

Your small business can do the following simple SEO techniques to improve its ranking on the search engines:

Determine your target audience & Key Phrase
This is the first step in your SEO campaign. Always identify the intended target audience of your website and select a keyword or key phrase that this audience will likely use to search for your products. Then set up page content based on this keyword or key phrase to ensure the page or website is ‘relevant’ to the targeted key phrase.

Produce unique content for your website constantly
Look to write unique and informative articles, blogs etc for your website. Original and interesting content will be valued by your visitors and provide visitors with a reason to remain (and hopefully return) to your website. This ‘valued content’ will help generate ongoing interest in your website, helping increase the potential for a sale. Providing value to the visitor will result in a higher ‘ROI’ for your business via your website.

Have your business listed in Google Local Business Listing.
This is a free feature offered by Google where you can create additional links so people can easily find your site, therefore your web traffic will be increased. Signing up is easy and quick, you only need to provide your business name, address, contact information, etc. You also can get linked by listing with other online directories like Chamber of Commerce and local business directories.

Arrange for Quality and Relevant links back to your website
Inbound links are considered very important in the SEO world, particularly by Google. If you have decent quality and relevant links directed back to your website, your ranking on search engines will be enhanced. Using directories, suppliers, social networks sites can offer a free and quick way to start with creating back links to your site. Note that some more ‘notable’ directories may require fee to generate a link. Do not use link farms or the like as these will probably be noticed by the Search Engines and get your website banned or penalised.

Promote your Website URL Offline
Always include your website address on stationary, on marketing materials and on company vehicles. This is a sure fire way to help achieve continuous promoting of the website address.

All businesses should explore and utilise their website to work well in the Search Engines. If your site is properly optimised for the search engines you can attract more traffic, your business can easily be found by potential clients, and you will hopefully achieve more sales for your business.

Specialising in Internet Marketing Services, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) online marketing and over the past decade we have built up a loyal client base. The depth and breadth of knowledge we have built up helps set us apart in an increasingly competitive and crowded SEO market place.

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Promoting Sound Testing Services

Promoting Sound Testing Services
One of Direct Submits longest standing clients continues to promote their highly specialist sound testing service for the UK property and building sector.

APT are a Sound Testing are sound, noise and acoustic consultants who offer the complete sound and acoustic consultancy testing services throughout the UK. They are an UKAS accredited company that offers a friendly proactive service for all your sound insulation testing & acoustic consultancy requirements, consistently providing acoustic testing services to help developers and self-builders attain building control compliance.