Promoting Cadwallader Blinds

Promoting Cadwallader Blinds

Direct Submit are pleased to announce they are now promoting Cadwallader Blinds who make and install made to measure window blinds throughout Wales, including: Powys, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Shropshire, Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot & Cardiff. The business is built on meeting each of our customers individual needs to help you get your home the way you want it and all our blinds will be made to measure to ensure they fully compliment your home and look great.

Manufactured to a high standard, offering a wide range of blinds in many varied designs, shades and colours, they offer a personal no obligation free measuring service, and because they are a small family run business they believe we are able to offer a great client based service and very affordable prices to all our customers. All blinds can be customised to precisely match your existing windows.

With a wide range of available colours, textures and accessories to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect blinds for your home or office. To contact Cadwallader Blinds call 07517 112456 or visit their website and they will be happy to help.

Direct Submit will be working with the client to help promote the business on the Internet, helping raise the companies profile and potential for business online. If you would like to know more about the SEO services available from Direct Submit then call 0845 2722350 or visit the Direct Submit website today.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps search engines identify your website and its content which in turn helps the search engine recommend your website for relevant searches.

What do search engines look for in my website?
Having the right content on each page of the website is essential, along with optimising the content on the pages with correct formatting and including the words or phrases that people will search for. The correct meta data that also contains some the the words or phrases used in the page text, and ensuring its accessibility to all users on all devices is also looked at.

Meta Data – Metadata is snippets of text that describe a page’s content. The Metadata is hidden within the code of a page, and doesn’t appear on the website to a user, but is detected by a search engine.

Page Title – This is the text you see at the top of your browser window or tab. Search engines use this text as the title of your page which is very important at giving the search engine, and the user, a quick bit of information on what your page is about.

Meta Description – A brief description of the page. This needs to contain key information about the content of the page including some of the text (words or phrases that you want to be found with.

Meta Keywords Attribute – A collection of keywords which is relevant to a page/website content. Most search engines do not use the meta keywords of a website any longer, and they do not effect your websites positioning within Google’s search results at all. [MORE INFO – Googles explanation on how it works with keywords]

ALT Tags – An alt tag is a text description for an on your page. This has been adapted by search engines to allow them to identify the image and recommend it in its search results. It also assists people who are visually impaired, who use screen readers, The reader will use the ‘alt’ tag to describe the image.

Having the above done to each page of your website is a great start to climbing the search engine ladder and getting the position you need. Our Search Engine Optimisation packages are tailored to your needs and include the essentials above.

Off-Site SEO and how important is it?
Off-site SEO helps drive traffic to your site by using external sites and services such as social media and advertising. We recommend all sites to make the most of social media, even if they don’t use it personally, it can be essential for a business.

The ability to communicate one on one with a potential client, provide excellent customer service or even advertise to a mass audience can all be done by spending a few minutes each day on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or both. By setting up a business page for your business, we are able to provide you the key to communicating with your target audience.

Almost every business wants their business to be found on the first page of the major search engines. Your business has to earn that right to get these results using an effective SEO process.

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services are designed to increase the visibility of your website within the natural (or free) search engine rankings to deliver quality, targeted traffic to your website.

At Direct Submit, we believe every company is unique and we deliver a specific range of SEO services designed to help ensure the optimum performance of your website.

Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website working harder for your business.

The Direct Submit Facebook Page

The Direct Submit Facebook Page
The well-established Direct Submit Facebook page has now passed the ‘1,000 likes’ point and continues to grow.


The page contains loads of useful SEO news and guides, plus updates on some of the many Direct Submit clients.  Some of the most recent SEO guides include information on key word research, the importance of local SEO and the potential benefits to your business of SEO and Internet Marketing.

Established over a decade ago and operating from the North East of the UK, Direct Submit have become one of the leading SEO and Internet Marketing providers in the North East and the UK. Our client retention rate is exceptional, currently over 80%, which shows our commitment to working with the client to make a project a success.

We offer a client focussed service, and always speak to our clients in a language they understand, helping them understand the Internet and how a successful Internet Marketing Campaign can benefit their business.

Why SEO Traffic is Valued High

Why SEO Traffic is Valued High
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a word that appears as holy grail and solution for all problems of online marketers. At the same time, SEO is pronounced dead every month at least three times. This causes not only great confusion among online marketing specialists but also among everyone who wants to maximize their online marketing methods. This makes SEO being a “no-man’s-land” in most companies, especially considering that efforts of SEO team are not giving results and evidence of improvement within several days, but rather months if not longer.

Building a good SEO strategy is something that should never be neglected or taken lightly, as it is something that can make or break the success of your online business.

To learn how to utilize SEO in generating better traffic, it is important to understand that not all traffic is the same. As it is already known, Google recognizes 4 different types of traffic:

•Direct traffic – traffic that is accumulated by people who type the domain directly to the browser
•Referral traffic – traffic that comes from other websites to your websites
•Search traffic – traffic that is generated via search engines when users type certain keywords and then end up on a certain website
•Campaign traffic – traffic that is usually a result of marketing efforts such as using for example – GoogleAds.

It can be easily noticed that SEO the most important element of generating high-quality traffic that has the potential to become something more. SEO optimization brings more SEO-based traffic which helps a certain website convert better.

Why Websites with Good SEO Convert Better?

Good SEO on a website guarantee you that users looking for your product will definitely find you in Google search results, and will then act as desired. Remember good SEO is not only about rankings, it is also about being useful, user-friendly, and most important, being able to navigate users where you want.

How to Utilise SEO for better Traffic?

If you want to get the maximum out of your SEO efforts, try to think like the user. Don’t be focused solemnly on sales, but offer additional value, proper navigation, and websites that load on a satisfactory level for the best user-experience.

Discover new keywords by following trends in your industry and online communities like Quora or Reddit, update, upgrade and polish the content you already have, and replace broken links and images. You can also find keywords from GoogleAds and use them as inspiration for new content that will place you on the first page of Google search results. Also, think about your industry in a more detailed way – long tail keywords are something that you shouldn’t ignore as it helps you reach the audience even when the search results are saturated with keywords.

For example, if you are a fashion store, it will be much easier to rank for “flat wedding shoes” or “beach wedding sandals” than for “women’s shoes” – there are many stores with shoes for women, but long tail keywords will help your potential clients reach you faster.

Avoid keyword stuffing, and increase your effort in creating optimized content that makes sense and rankings will come naturally, just like the traffic that we all wish for.

Promoting your Online Business

Promoting your Online Business

Whether you are just starting up your business or have an existing website which isn’t doing a great deal for your, then call Direct Submit today and let us help you make your website stand out from the crowd. As experienced Internet Marketing and SEO consultants we will be able to help you make the right choices and decisions to help you get your product or service noticed online.
We offer a comprehensive range of Internet Marketing and SEO services to our clients, and aim to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings and keeping them there. How can we do that? By using a combination of SEO submissions, link building, social media, directory work and many other ‘white hat’ processes. In short, our expertise and commitment will help keep you website at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing!

As leading UK Internet Marketing and SEO consultants, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and expertise. All our clients are unique and each receives customised strategy that utilises today’s best practices for your business.

Internet Marketing is now a essential part of any business that wants to grow and succeed in the market place today. With an estimated 80% plus of the UK population able to search online, if you are not using the internet as a marketing tool for your business, you are missing out.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services provide Internet Marketing Services for business and other organisations who are looking to make their website work for them. Our portfolio of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation services (SEO) are carried out by experts who will optimise your site for the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Having your business found on page one in the Search Engines gives your business a clear advantage when it comes to achieving more with your website. Our experts will help build your websites credibility within the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), helping to achieve higher rankings and, as a result, you should expect to receive an increase of client leads, enquiries and potential sales.

Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website working harder for your business.

Are You Searching for New Business?

Are You Searching for New Business?

Local Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) and effective Internet Marketing can help your business rank well in the major Search Engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will help local customers easily find your products and services when they search on the Internet using related key phrases.

Many studies have shown that the natural listings are wherein excess of 80% of people locate a service provider or business when they are looking for a local product or service; our affordable Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) and effective Internet Marketing packages will provide your business with a potential source of both leads and sales.

More and more people are using the search engines to search for such as Guaranteed Car Finance North East or Van Hire Newcastle and it is reported to be one of the fastest growing areas for ‘searches’ online.

Direct Submit have the experience and expertise to ensure you capitalise on local search traffic for your business.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services can provide you with a proven and very cost effective Search Engine Marketing solution to help your company increase the effectiveness of its website in the Search Engines, giving your business a distinct advantage over your local competitors’ websites who aren’t optimised for local search traffic

Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website noticed locally.

Combating Ransomware

Combating Ransomware

There are a growing number of tools available to combat ransomware at the endpoint, but the truth is, it’s vital to stop ransomware before it gets to the device level.  As rampant as ransomware is today, there are some concrete steps that an organization can take to effectively prevent an attack.

Email Protection
Email protection is paramount as email continues to be the primary launching mechanism for ransomware.  Ransomware distributers use embedded links and attachments to entice unsuspecting users to click these and launch malware deployments.  Today’s email security solutions must do more than just stop SPAM.  An email security solution today must also block and eradicate viruses, malware, infected attachments and links to malicious websites.  Besides ransomware, an email security solution will also protect your users from phishing attacks and BEC attacks.

Web filtering
Users can inadvertently download ransomware by visiting a malware launching site or by simply browsing a drive-by website.  Many sites are infected with ransomware installation files that have been deposited there by hackers.  A modern day web filtering solution protects the Internet sessions of your users in two ways.  It first blocks access to known malicious or malware infected sites.  Then it filters all web traffic through a gateway antivirus.

Patching and Updating
Keeping your operating systems, applications and web browsers patched and up to date is imperative.  Had enterprises simply installed update (MS17-010) on its non-supported Windows devices, they could have escaped free of the damage that WannaCry inflicted to so many networks with legacy Windows devices.  There is a reason why vendors regularly release patches and updates for their customers.  New zero-day vulnerabilities are continually being discovered, forcing developers to release patches to combat these as quickly as possible.  Patching and updating is probably the most important routine task for any IT team.

3-2-1 Backup Model
Backing up your data is a critical function in the protection of your data.  It is important to follow best practices when conducting regular backups of your data to ensure that your backups can be properly restored if that fateful day ever comes to fruition.  The 3-2-1 model simply transcribes into the following practice:

Retain 3 copies of your data
Utilise 2 types of media for them
Keep 1 copy offsite / offline at all times

Following this proven model will allow you to quickly restore corrupted or lost data in the event of drive failure, disaster recovery, and of course, malware encryption.