Google Updates Search Quality Guide

Google Updates Search Quality Guide
Google has published a revised version of the 164-page set of guidelines used to help human ‘quality raters’ evaluate online content and provide feedback to Google. Google is out with an update to its search quality rater guidelines that includes some new areas of focus for raters. Google contracts with over 10,000 search quality raters worldwide to evaluate its search results. Raters are given actual searches to conduct, drawn from real searches that happen on Google. They then rate the quality of pages that appear in the top results — hence the “quality rater” name.

According to Jennifer Slegg, who has observed and written about the changes to the quality rater guidelines over the years — including a deep dive this year — and has spoken at SMX Advanced on rater guidelines, there are several new notable areas Google wants raters to focus on.

“The most noticeable for content creators is that Google wants their raters to not only look at the reputation of the website itself, but also the content creators themselves,” she wrote in an email responding to questions about the update. “This is one area that many sites fall down on. They might have an ‘About Us’ page, but the bios of their authors are sorely lacking. It also means that those accepting contributions from those not working for the site in question need to keep an eye on the reputation of their contributors as well.

“If content is created by someone with a great reputation, it makes sense for Google to rank that content higher than from someone with a bad reputation since it is generally a better user experience for the searcher. But it means many will also need to brush up on their bios, too. It is also worth noting that this doesn’t apply just to written content, but other types of content as well, such as videos and social media.

“Google’s focus with this addition is on wanting to ensure content that is created by creators with great reputations is ranking well, especially in a world of fake news and conspiracy theories. Great for those creators with great reputations, but does mean some work for those without a great reputation or a limited one.”

Google also appears to be taking aim at more refined, subtle forms of spam that seem to be on the increase. “Google is clearly fighting the war against clickbait, and they are asking raters to rate sites as low where the title is too sensational or doesn’t match the actual content. If it is in the guidelines, Google is looking for a way for their algos to counter clickbait, either currently or in future algos.”

Another big change that Google wants raters to focus on is what it calls “beneficial purpose” of content. “So many sites create content solely for Google, without the user in mind. They just want their content with ‘keyword keyword keyword’ to rank well, and hope the person converts when they get there, whether by clicking an ad or affiliate link, or perhaps going deeper into the site. But Google wants their raters to think about whether a piece of content has a beneficial purpose or not, and this is something that any site owner, content creator or SEO should think about when writing new content or auditing current content on a site.”

Quality raters cannot alter Google’s results directly. A rater marking a particular listing as low-quality will not cause that page to be banned or lose ranking.

Instead, the data generated by quality raters is used to improve Google’s search algorithms, an automated system of ranking pages. Over time, that quality rater data might have an impact on low-quality pages that are spotted by raters, but the algorithm will also impact pages that weren’t reviewed.

Google first made these guidelines public in 2015 and has revised them several times since. Recent changes have focused on topics such as spotting fake news, biased or upsetting content and other factors that Google perceives as problematic when included in search results.

Read the updated Google search quality rating guidelines here.

Bank Photographic Studio: Promoting a North East Photographer

Promoting Bank Photographic Studio
Direct Submit has another new client. We will be working with Bank studio and KG Photography to help promote their websites to a larger audience. KG Photography is the work of Kevin Gibson and Nicky Rogerson who are inspired by a prestigious client list which reads like a who’s who of leading brands. Bank Studio are commercial photographers, gaining work in food, product, advertising, commercial portraiture, packaging industries.

Bank Photographic. KG and Bank Studio Photographers

Their wealth of experience has lead them to work all over the UK and internationally, with prestigious clients such as Netto, Prima Cheese, BHS, Luxe Magazine, Relish Publications NEP, Offstone Publishing, Appetite magazine, BE Group, Fenwick and nationwide restaurants to name but a few.

To contact KG or Bank Studio photography call 07710 799 603 and let them help put you in the picture.

If you would like your business to gain more exposure across the Internet, then call Direct Submit on 0845 2722350 and let us help you make your website work harder for you.

Ranking Factors for SEO & Online Marketing

Looking at Ranking Factors for SEO

Google uses a variety of factors in its algorithm to determine Google uses a variety of ranking factors for SEO in its algorithm to determine what results will be the most helpful for the user. The Google algorithm is smart; it is constantly changing, improving and adapting to give users the best experience and to prevent black hat SEO tactics from manipulating search results. Part of the mystery of Google’s search algorithm is that it takes a number of ranking signals into account before displaying results.

Ranking Factors for SEO

Some of the major issues that are thought to impact on search engine ranking factors with Google include:

•Secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
•Websites that are mobile-friendly
•Page speed
•Schema mark-up
•Webpage content quality
•Webpage content length
•Social signals
•Quality backlinks
•Optimised images
•Domain age

A word on Quality Content (again).
We’re sure you’ve heard this one before, but we believe content is still really important for SEO this year. Why? because the ‘user experience’ is known to high up in Google’s plan and creating quality content that is easy for the user to find and understand is key. There’s a lot that goes in to creating quality content, but the basic idea is that Google will recognise and reward content that helps users find the information they were looking for.

Quality content means not falling for the most common SEO mistakes, such as keyword stuffing, scraping content, or writing thin content that has little or no value to users. Google’s overall priority is user experience, so if your content doesn’t deliver on this, it won’t rank well.

The official tweaks that Google will make to their ranking algorithm may be a mystery, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the ever changing Google ranking factors and still aren’t sure where to focus your SEO efforts on in 2018, Direct Submit can help. Direct Submit prides itself on the underlying process by which we approach each and every SEO project we are involved with.

We understand that each client will have specific, individual needs and our approach in creating and implementing the correct SEO strategy is vital to the success of the SEO project. This approach and attention to detail is what has helped Direct Submit become a leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company. Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website working harder for your business.

SEO Tips to Boost Website Traffic for your Business

SEO Tips to Boost Website Traffic
Internet Marketing is now a essential part of any business that wants to grow and succeed in the market place today. With an estimated 80% plus of the UK population able to search online, if you are not using the internet as a marketing tool for your business, you are missing out.

SEO Tips

SEO is all about good content if you have quality content on your website that Google will fetch your website on the top pages. It is important to follow good proven SEO Tactics if you are really aiming to boost the website traffic in 2018. Here are a few essential SEO tips to help generate an increase in quality traffic to your website:

1. On-Page SEO
Search engine optimization contains many different stages to perform for boosting the website rank in search engine result pages. On-page SEO is the most important part of SEO which is specially performed to make your website pages view on the search engine result page.

For this reason, it is essential to produce high-quality content on the website as per the interest of the audience. Also, you need to write a meta description for your web pages which help users for getting more information about the website and placed below the URL of your website.

2 Keyword Targeting
Keyword research is the most important task which comes to SEO process. When you are writing content on the website or promoting any content on any social media platform, in all such cases, keyword placing is the most crucial task.

You have to identify all the important keywords which users frequently use while searching in the Google or any search engine platform. You can achieve more traffic on your website by placing the keywords in proper places and in the right quantity. Also, you need to analyze the keyword list that your competitors are using and need to work on that to beat them.

3. Revamp the Existing Content of your Website
It’s an old proverb for SEO which still works that “Content is King”. If you want to rank your website higher then it is required to put quality content on the website. Also, if you have old content on your website which has not been updated from years then it is advised to update the existing content of the website.

That’s why if you are aiming to get a good amount of traffic on your website then put quality and updated content. Also, you are required to update old images of your website and for all these reasons, choosing the Best SEO Company will profit you in an entire manner.

4. Go for Social Media Promotion
We all know the trend of social media platforms is increasing at an unstoppable rate. People from every age are enjoying the use of different social media platforms. If you want more and more website traffic, it is highly important to perform a well-defined Social Media Promotion Strategy for getting the targeted audience on your website.

Do some paid social media promotion for reaching the targeted audience and get the desired traffic on your website. You can use different social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest as per your business need. By contacting a well-known SEO Agency, you will get a proper defined social media promotion strategy based on your business theme.

5. Follow Content Marketing Strategies
Content marketing is yet another part of SEO which is really helpful in getting a relevant traffic to your website. There are many websites which accept blog and articles to give them relevant traffic. But the quality of all such contents should be very high and should have all the essence which is beneficial for customers and holds some sense.

That’s why it is said that doing content marketing plays a huge role and gives the best result in getting a good traffic on your website. You can perform guest blogging, question, and answering, sharing infographics and there are plenty of such ways to benefit using the content marketing strategies.

Get the best SEO Services in Hyderabad. and improve the online presence of your website all over the world.

We all are aware of the huge importance of SEO which is growing tremendously. Whether you have a small or huge business, it doesn’t matter because having an online presence of your business has become the actual demand of today’s technology-based world.

People are becoming addicted towards the use of Smartphones and following all the online trends. If you are aiming to grow your business, then it is important to bring a lot of traffic to your website. All this is possible by performing proper SEO Tips to Boost Website Traffic that will bring huge traffic and help your business to grow globally.

Whether you are just starting up your business or have an existing website which isn’t doing a great deal for your, then call Direct Submit today and let us help you make your website stand out from the crowd. As experienced Internet Marketing and SEO consultants we will be able to help you make the right choices and decisions to help you get your product or service noticed online.

We offer a comprehensive range of Internet Marketing and SEO services to our clients, and aim to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings and keeping them there. How can we do that? By using a combination of the above SEO tips, link building, social media, directory work and many other ‘white hat’ processes.

In short, our expertise and commitment will help keep you website at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing! Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website working harder for your business.

Google’s to Mark Non HTTPS Sites as ‘Not Secure’

Google’s Chrome Browser to Mark Non HTTPS Sites as ‘Not Secure’
Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark Non HTTPS Sites as ‘Not Secure’. After years of pushing for ‘secure by default’ web sites, Google will identify insecure sites in the Chrome browser beginning mid-Summer.

For the past several years, Google have moved toward a more secure web by strongly advocating that sites adopt HTTPS encryption. And within the last year, they also helped users understand that HTTP sites are not secure by gradually marking a larger subset of HTTP pages as “not secure”.

Non HTTPS SitesBeginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.

Developers have been transitioning their sites to HTTPS and making the web safer for everyone. Progress last year was, according to Google, ‘incredible’, and it’s continued since then:

• Over 68% of Chrome traffic on both Android and Windows is now protected
• Over 78% of Chrome traffic on both Chrome OS and Mac is now protected
• 81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default.

Chrome’s new interface will help users understand that all HTTP sites are not secure, and continue to move the web towards a secure HTTPS web by default. HTTPS is easier and cheaper than ever before, and it unlocks both performance improvements and powerful new features that are too sensitive for HTTP. Developers, check out our set-up guides to get started.


Our Marketing Services…

Our Marketing Services…
One of our biggest passions is Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimsation, and whether you are an established business or just starting out, marketing your organisation is critical to its success. Our team of marketers can help your organisation to maximise its reach to current and prospective clients. We provide cutting edge Internet Marketing, SEO guidance and more. We can offer an integrated campaign which involves the incorporation of multiple marketing techniques.

Our Marketing Services

The higher you are on Google, the greater exposure you will receive. We have lots of tips and tricks to maximise your SEO, from optimised coding and meta headings to insightful content recommendations.

With our expert knowledge of Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation we help our client’s websites to rank well for targeted key phrases within the major Search Engines.

Through effective Internet Marketing strategies and our expert SEO services, we can help turn your website into your business’s most powerful sales & lead generator.

Direct Submit we are a success-oriented internet marketing consultancy who deliver results without breaking the bank. Call us now on 0845 272 2350 or visit our SEO Services website.

Google Web Spam Report

Google Web Spam Report
Google released its 2017 webspam report this morning. The metrics show improvements from last year’s report in several areas. For example, Google said that less than 1 percent of searchers ended up visiting a spammy website from the Google search results. And it reduced that figure by half in just a couple of years. Google doubled down on removing unnatural links, reduced link spam by almost half.

Google Web Spam Report

Google cut the number of hacked websites from showing in the search results by 80 percent, and cut link spam in search by almost half. As we covered recently, the number of Search Console notifications dropped to 6 million from 9 million the year before.

Google says its spam teams “doubled down” on removing unnatural links using algorithms and “scalable” manual actions.

Here are some of the highlights from the Google Web Spam Report:

• Less than 1 percent of sites visited from search results are spammy — and that’s been the case “for many years”.
• There was an 80 percent reduction of hacked sites in search results.
• Google doubled down on removing unnatural links via algorithms and manual actions.
• Link spam reduction year over year dropped by almost half.
• 90,000 user reports of search spam were acted on.
• 45 million messages were sent to registered website owners via Search Console.
• Six million of these messages are related to manual actions.

For more details on the Google Web Spam Report, check out the Google blog post.