Organic SEO

Planning a Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Planning for a Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign

The following brief summary will help you to take full advantage of the Search Engine Marketing opportunity.

Understand your online business

To begin understanding your online business, simply write a description of your company. Have your colleagues, family and friends do the same. Then compare the results.

Understanding your online customer

It is important to understand that much like traditional, brick and mortar customers, there are different types of online customers. These customers will also likely search very differently, for example by gender or income level. Why is this important? Well, once you have a thorough understanding of how your customers search, you will be better positioned to apply that knowledge to choosing the right keywords.

Determining a successful conversion

Understanding the true purpose of your website is the first step to determining what to deem a successful conversion. A successful outcome may simply be increased levels of traffic. If you sell something through your web site then a successful conversion will more than likely be defined as a completed transaction, or “selling something.” It is also possible that your web site may have multiple types of conversions.

Researching, Choosing and Implementing Keywords

Researching, choosing, and implementing keywords is crucial to any successful Search Engine Marketing campaign. To identify the most appropriate key phrases you will need to use the following approach:

1. Image yourself as your target audience.
2. Target Niche Key Phrases rather than broad phrases.
3. Brainstorm for key phrases. Ask prospects, clients etc.
4. Choose only relevant key phrases.
5. Understand that keywords can have multiple meanings.

Once you have created your final key phrase list then you can begin to utilise them in your Internet Marketing campaign. This process is constant and once your online marketing campaign is running, you should constantly review and modify your project. Why? You may have to take into account seasonal changes, levels of competition may change and new products or services may need to be included.