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A FREE SEO Audit for your Business

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A FREE SEO Audit for your Business.
As a leading SEO & Digital Marketing Agency, we start campaigns with a technical SEO audit of your website, to make sure it’s built to the latest web standards. If not, it is likely to be penalised by search engines. We can help correct this for you, to make sure your SEO campaign is as effective as it can be when it starts.

From our offices in Durham and Newcastle, we then use the latest SEO tools to research the marketplace and estimate potential traffic volumes, as well as your current market share and the relative competitiveness of key phrases.

A FREE SEO Audit for your Business

An SEO Audit for your Business
Right now Direct Submit are offering a FREE SEO Audit for your website against a chosen key phrase. We can provide you with a detailed SEO Audit Report so you can discover what’s preventing you from getting the rankings you need, and unlock the potential for increased traffic and more business from the Internet.

An SEO audit is a way of reporting on how and why a website is not ranking as well as it should do in search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

A full SEO audit can be broken down into several topics, from technical issues to link building problems:

>> Technical SEO audit
>> SEO content writing and copy audit
>> SEO link building audit
>> Ecommerce SEO audit
>> Mobile SEO audit

Get your FREE SEO Audit for your Business
Enter your URL, email and target key phrase and we’ll send you your report with in-depth analysis and recommendations.

Our audit reports contain over 50+ SEO signals and determine how optimised a web page is for a target keyword.

We are an SEO audit agency who have experience in providing feedback on all types of websites on all types of content management systems. Whether you are a local business in the North East struggling to build traction, or running an ecommerce business which has stagnated, we can help you find your feet again. We support business in Durham, Newcastle, Northumberland, the North East and indeed all across the UK.

Here at Direct Submit, our team of SEO experts will create a bespoke results-driven strategy to improve your SEO and help to boost your conversions. Ultimately, our SEO services are designed to drive qualified website traffic and leads to your business. Call today on 0845 2722350 or visit our website.