Apple Announce Search Option

Apple announce Bing Search Option on the iPhone
In the latest love-hate relationship with search giant Google which is developing rival products like its Android operating system and Google TV among others, Apple announced Bing as a third way for people to search on the iPhone alongside Google and Yahoo.

Mr Jobs referred to Microsoft, its former enemy as having done a “cool” job with Bing.

“That Bing is now a search option is unbelievable,” said analyst Michael Gartenburg of the Altimeter Group. “Microsoft is clearly the new Switzerland and Google is the new enemy.”

While chunks of the iPhone release might have sounded like a deja vu, the same could also be said for the unveiling of the new operating system which Mr Jobs personally launched back in April. The big news there was a name change to iOS4 because it will cover the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The software update will bring multi-tasking to the iPhone, allowing users to run multiple applications and programs simultaneously, and will also let users organise their mass of applications into folders.

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