Organic SEO

Choosing the Right Keywords

Choosing the Right Keywords for your SEO Project One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing for any SEO […]

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving and promoting a web site […]

SEO & Internet Marketing

Search Engine Marketing and Website Promotion Do you know that there are over 20 billion pages on the Web, with […]

The Major Search Engines

Summary of the Major Search Engines As the Internet started to grow and became an integral part of day-to-day work, […]

SEO Marketing Services

SEO Marketing Services With over 90% of our SEO business being repeat business or referrals from current clients, then we […]

Search Engine Spam

Looking at Search Engine Spam Search engine spamming is the unethical practice for optimising a website to rank highly on […]

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank Interesting in all things SEO, as we at Direct Submit are, we came across this bit of […]

Developing Ecommerce with SEO

Developing Ecommerce with SEO As more of your competitors are online already, many UK businesses are unwilling to stay behind […]

SEO & Article Submissions

SEO & Article Submissions Article Submission is recognised in Internet Marketing as one of the strongest and most unique ways […]

Link Building & SEO

Link building & SEO Search engines love links, and so should you in developing your Internet Marketing project.  On page […]

‘H’ tags & Effective SEO

The ‘H’ tags & Search Engine Optimisation Using the ‘H’ tags with your search engine optimisation can make a significant […]

Successful Search Engine Marketing

Planning for a Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign The following brief summary will help you to take full advantage of […]

Small Business & SEO

Small Business & SEO Marketing More small companies intend to incorporate search engine optimisation into their business to business marketing […]

Link Building Strategy

Link Building Strategy Search engines love links, and so should you in developing your Internet Marketing project.  On page Search […]

Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies can be a useful search engine optimisation (SEO) tool for businesses, one expert claims. With Google and […]

Unethical SEO

Approaches from Unethical SEO Companies Recently a few of our clients have contacted us to report some approaches made to […]

Happy Christmas from Expressly SEO

We at Expressly SEO would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Internet Marketing by […]

Benefits of a Sitemap

Benefits of a Sitemap Why Add a Sitemap I’ve just spent some time today discussing the online marketing of one of […]

Bing Now Number Two…

Bing Replaces Yahoo! as Number Two Search Engine Microsoft Bing reached a major milestone for usage in August, the same […]

Looking into the Internet

Looking into the Internet We at Direct Submit work with individuals with varying amounts of knowledge of what the Internet […]

Spam Report: August 2010

Spam Report: August 2010 The Internet website is showing the UK to be the fifth largest producer of spam […]

Google Instant Search

Google Instant promises live search results Google has sped up its internet search engine by launching a product called Instant […]

Fastest-Growing Search Engine?

Is Twitter the Fastest-Growing Search Engine? So what is the world’s fastest growing search engine? According to one expert, it […]

Yahoo! Launches Testing with Bing

Yahoo! Launches Testing with Bing As part of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance, Yahoo! recently announced that they have […]

Optimised or just Optimistic?

Is your website Optimised or are you just being Optimistic? For many businesses the focus when starting out on their […]

Choosing and Researching Keywords

Choosing and Researching Keywords It can be difficult to choose the keywords that describe your company and its products or […]

Search Engine Update

Search Engine Lisitngs Update The days of the 10 blue links are numbered. Search engine companies were once more or […]

Google Defends Search Changes

Google Defends Search Changes Google has defended the introduction of a panel on the left-hand side of its search results […]

Understanding Google PageRank

Understanding Google PageRank Providing Internet Marketing Services to the business community, we at Direct Submit are sometimes asked to offer an everyday explanation […]

Suspicious Search Engines

Watch  Out for Suspicious Search Eengines PandaLabs has revealed how cyber criminals are getting smarter by creating their own search engines […]