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Direct Submit – Your Local SEO Services Company

Direct Submit – Your Local SEO Services Company

Direct Submit – Your Local SEO Services Company
Direct Submit is a North East (UK) based digital marketing company that specialises in SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing for all types and sizes of business. We have developed quickly and became a leading SEO Company in a short span of time, our dozens of happy digital marketing customers vouch for the level of expertise that we have achieved over time.

What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation is the process of deploying various optimisation and link-building tools to improve a website’s visibility in SERPs like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, etc. With the ease and accessibility of internet technologies growing so fast, consumers are globally shopping or researching for products and services online.

When someone searches for anything online, search engines return thousands of listings. However, one SERP usually contains about 10 results; and about 80 percent of internet users click on the first three links they see on the page. A tiny portion of users may also go to the second or third page.

Professional SEO service providers like Direct Submit can help you achieve first page listings avoid this dip in potential traffic.

Take Your Business to the Next Level
Direct Submit always keeps its clients in focus. Our objective is to deliver premium quality SEO services at highly competitive prices and satisfy our clients over the long haul. SEO is NOT a quick fix and takes time.

We benefit by not charging huge fees upfront but by creating success for our clients.

Direct Submit has an expert team of SEO professionals who possess years of experience in the field.

We keep ourselves and our software tools up-to-date according to the latest algorithmic updates from Google and other search engines. By adhering only to the white-hat (acceptable by search engines) practices, we generate organic traffic for your websites and social media profiles. This effort, in turn, leads to higher revenues and a higher return on investment (ROI) for you.

Custom Made SEO & Digital Marketing Services
While there are general SEO guidelines that apply to all sorts of organisations, every organisation has its unique requirements and circumstances. Direct Submit designs the SEO strategy for each client after having a thorough discussion with them and understanding their needs and wants.

Our tailor-made solutions will help you achieve your goals, on your preferred timeline and according to your budget limitations.

What Sets Direct Submit Apart from its Competition?

Direct Submit has made its name among SEO services companies in the UK for the following reasons:

• No Compromise on quality of the digital marketing services
• 100% customer focussed
• Strong focus on clients’ goals
• Quick and responsive customer service
• Highly competitive prices

Direct Submit – Local SEO Services