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Fraser Mair Photography Services
Some great news about Fraser Mair Photography, one of Direct Submits clients.  In February 2013, one of Fraser Mairs photographs featured in the UK’s biggest photography magazine, Practical Photoshop. Being featured in any publication is always a great privilege and will help the client increase his general marketing and Internet exposure even more.

The article featured a piece of creative work from his personal collection – one of which he is quite rightly incredibly proud of and hope you (and other readers) will enjoy. The article is all about the idea and inspiration behind the image, as well as how Fraser created the photograph.

Also, visit the Fraser Mair Photography blog to view the image (and many others) and he is giving away a FULL RESOLUTION version of the featured image. The blog says you are free to use it was you wish for personal purposes, but he does ask that you respect the watermark at the bottom.

Although Direct Submit always look to promote a client on the Internet, we always advise clients that they should continue with other forms of marketing as well.  As a famous advert says, “every little helps”…