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Google Expands Shopping Ads

Google Expands Shopping Ads

Google Expands Shopping Ads to Over 50 New Markets, Adds New Features
Google is expanding shopping ads and introducing new features to help advertisers, target shoppers, worldwide. Shopping ads are now available in over 50 new markets, and 95 markets in total. In order to take advantage of the greater availability, Google Ads is rolling out the following features.

Multi-Country Feeds
Advertisers can reach more holiday shoppers around the world with multi-country feeds. These allow for easy targeting of multiple countries that share the same language. For example, if you upload product information in English for the United States, those products may be automatically available to show in other English-speaking countries.

Advertisers will have to set their own shipping and location targeting for multi-country feeds. This is in order to ensure ads are only shown to people who can buy the products.

Automated Feeds
Retailers can create product feeds more easily with new automated feeds. These allow Google Merchant Center to crawl a website’s structured data to create a feed out of the product information.

New Merchant Center Experience
Google Merchant Center has been updated with additional insights, easier navigation, and more straightforward workflows. With this new interface, advertisers can manage products more effectively and learn about opportunities to promote and sell those products.

Google Expands Shopping Ads

Google notes that advertisers can opt-in to ‘surfaces across Google’ through the new Merchant Center interface. Surfaces across Google allows products to be shown in rich snippets and product annotations in Google Images for free.

Surfaces across Google is currently available in the US and India, but will be expanded to more countries before the end of the year.