Organic SEO

Googles SEO Plans

Google’s SEO Plans
Matt Cutts of Google recently posted a rare overview of Google’s plans for the next few months for organic search – what website optimisers and webmasters can expect.

Summary of Key targets:

1. Stop advertorials that pass PageRank
2. Improve SERPs that are traditionally more spammy (adult, for example)
3. Better link analysis to deny value to link spammer
4. New hacked site detection methods and better webmaster communication about them
5. Detect true authorities better in various niches – better authority signals that could help moderate Panda impact
6. Improvements planned for host clustering – to make overly dominant results less common

During the overview, Matt Cutts said this was just a rough snapshot of the potential that’s in their mind right now.

It’s not a guaranteed promise because things can always change as these projects evolve and we all know of Google’s ever changing ‘rule base’.