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‘H’ tags & Effective SEO

The ‘H’ tags & Search Engine Optimisation
Using the ‘H’ tags with your search engine optimisation can make a significant difference to the success of your Internet Marketing campaign.  So what are they? ‘H’ tags are used to denote section titles in your content.  <H1> tags are normally used for the main title of the content and then lower ‘H’ tags (such as <H2> and <H3>) are used for sub-headings within your webpage content.

HTML has six heading elements: <Hi> through to <H6>. Use <H1> for your main page heading, then <H2> for sub-headings and so on. Remember when using these tags to prioritise your website content accordingly.  Search engines view the <Hi> tag as the most important title of the page and then <H2> as the next most important and so on.

You should always make sure your <H1> tag contains your most important keywords. Try to make sure your <H1> tag corresponds to your page Meta Tag Title. This highlights to search engines exactly what your page is about, and helps identify the most important key phrases.

Don’t overuse your these tags though.  Just use one <H 1> tag with your most important content, then use as many <h2> and <H3> tags as you need alongside your content.

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