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HTML Code and the Title Tag

HTML Code and the Title Tag
As most savvy website owners now know, search engine spiders or crawlers can only read text and when a search engine spider scan a website it actually scans the HTML code for that particular website. One important such piece of the HTML coding is the ‘Title Tag’. The title tag plays a crucial role in optimising any website, and Its content should reflect the overriding theme of the website with the search engines giving substantial importance to this tag.

The title tag offers the initial impression of the web site and its content for crawlers, and all the major search engines evaluate the relevance of the website on the basis of the keywords present in the Title tag. This tag is also displayed on the SERP and results contain the text included in Title tag.

The Title Tag holds significant weight and it should be crafted carefully and with some thought to ensure that it holds the offers SEO effectiveness and also appeal to the searchers.

Since the Title tag plays a vital role in determining your site’s ranking in the SERP, you need to pay a lot of attention to the words and the order in which they appear. You need to develop a crisply worded Title tag that includes your most relevant keyword phrases and performs the function of announcing the summary of your web page’s content. For example if the web site is about SEO, then the appropriate Title tag may be “Search Engine Optimisation | SEO Optimisation” etc. For example, a simple HTML title tag might look like this:

<Title> Search Engine Optimisation | SEO Optimisation</Title>

Though there are many views and opinions about on page factors and its importance in SEO, although most SEO experts would agree that the Title tag is highly significant within any SEO campaign. However, it should be remembered that good keyword placement and usage of key phrases can impact on positive rankings, especially when allied to the effective use and application of the title tag.