Local SEO

Importance of Local SEO to Your Business

Importance of Local SEO to Your Business
So your small, local business is up and running, and you have a website with basic information about who you are and what you provide and when. But does your target audience know your website exists? If not, then the awkward question arises: how do they know your business exists?

The benefits of local search engine optimisation are more specific to brick-and-mortar shops than to Internet-based companies. It is important for any firm with an online presence to use SEO to their advantage; however, for local businesses, local SEO can make the difference between potential customers in your own neighbourhood coming into your shop to buy a product and ordering it on Amazon.

Likewise, if you own a restaurant, you want the people who live and work in the surrounding area to be able to view your full menu online and know your days and hours of operation; otherwise, they may very well pass you up for the corner McDonald’s and settle for food that they might not even want, simply because they knew what to expect from McDonald’s but not from your establishment.

And how do you go about drawing traffic to your website in order to boost sales, you ask? Simple: through informational online content designed specifically to increase traffic to your website by making your website figure more prominently in Internet search results for certain keywords and key phrases. To continue with our restaurant example, let’s say that your restaurant in the city of Newcastle specialises in vegetarian cuisine, and you would like to bring this to the attention of people living in your town as well as any vegetarians who might be in Newcastle on business or for a family visit.

By providing online content using key phrases such as “vegetarian food Newcastle,” “vegetarian restaurants in Newcastle” and “vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Newcastle,” your website will very quickly rise to the top of Internet search results for these phrases. And when your establishment is among the top three results, the odds favour your potential clients becoming actual ones.

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