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Improving your Google Ads Optimisation Score

Google has released a set of best practices to help Google Ads users improve their optimization score. Optimisation score is a metric that was introduced back in August which evaluates how well a Google Ads campaign is optimised.
The score ranges from 0% to 100%, with 100% meaning that with 100% meaning that your account is set up to perform at its full potential. Search Engine Journal ran a great posting on the Google update, here is a summary of it.

Improving Your Google Ads Optimisation Score

Your optimisation score can be found in the ‘Recommendations’ section in Google Ads.

How to Improve Your Google Ads Optimisation Score
Google offers the following three best practices for maximizing your optimisation score.

Efficient Account Management
Users can manage their Google Ads account more efficiently by prioritizing which actions have the highest potential improve optimisation score. Optimisation score uses historical performance, auction simulations, and machine learning to make recommendations.

Apply Recommendations that Support Business Goals
Google recommends checking recommendations regularly. Google Ads frequently provides new recommendations based on real-time data.
Stay on top of the latest recommendations by checking at least once a week.
Focus on recommendations based on score uplift and dismiss recommendations not aligned with your goals.
Analyze recommendations on your own terms

Google points out that users can filter recommendations by these 4 sections:

Ads & extensions
Bids & budgets
Keywords & targeting

Recommendations can also be downloaded for offline analysis.

Optimisation score currently evaluates how well Search campaigns are set up. Soon it will also include display, video, shopping, and app campaigns.