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Inbound link Building – An Important SEO Strategy

Inbound link Building - An Important SEO Strategy

Inbound link Building – An Important SEO Strategy.
We generally concentrate on building links after webpages have been optimised however you can build links anytime and it should be a continual process. An often heard analogy is comparing inbound links to ‘likes’ on Facebook. The more ‘likes’ you receive on Facebook the higher your popularity.

Google looks at inbound links similarly although through a very sophisticated algorithm. If any website’s link to your site your website must be important so you receive a higher ranking in the search engine ranking page (SERP).

Why it Works
Link building will enable your site to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Higher rankings means more customers will be able to see your website in the search engines. However, not just any link will do. What every website needs online is the highest quality links and the perfect mix of the right ‘buyer’ keywords, ie. the keywords that a buying customer would use.

What do we do
Our link building strategies are tailor made for each of our clients. We carry out an assessment on the current links pointing to your website. We can remove bad links and naturally add quality links from varied sources with a mix of relevant and non-relevant links.

Our link building strategies are natural and over the long term, you will naturally receive more clicks than PPC sites as the quality and value of the links increases your visibility online. Our expertise in this area is second to none. We have a network that cannot be outranked and our clients benefit from our experience in this area.

By contacting Direct Submit, we can assess your marketing needs which allows to see how we can grow your customer base and start working on our SEO Approach. Our assessment will cover the full review of your site, it’s content, where you appear in the search results, keyword research and how you rank in relation to your competition.

Let us take full ownership of your search engine results and growth. Taking you from an initial consultancy session to strategy creation, technical optimisation, content optimisation, and promotion. With regular full reporting and useful insight, we’ll work together to make sure your website works harder for you. All of our work is carried out from our Newcastle and Durham offices and we’ve helped a wide selection of businesses, from start-ups, charities, eCommerce websites to large European companies.

Your company growth is our business, and we can help you via a long-term Search Engine Optimisation strategy that works, whether you’re a start-up or an established company. We say ‘long-term’ because SEO is never about quick wins; with the right amount of effort, though, you can rank higher than your competition and reap the rewards.