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Fastest-Growing Search Engine?

Is Twitter the Fastest-Growing Search Engine?
So what is the world’s fastest growing search engine? According to one expert, it isn’t Microsoft Bing or even Google but Twitter. Of course, you need to consider that the source might be a little biased since according to PC Magazine, the proclamation was made by Twitter CEO Biz Stone.

While speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Stone said that Twitter users perform more than 800 million searches on the site each day, a number larger than Yahoo! and Bing combined. Stone said that the high volume of searches proves that Twitter is more than just a social media network.

“That’s been a myth since the beginning,” he said. “We’re much more like an information network or a source of news.”

However, many people are skeptical about Stone’s claims of such high volume of Twitter searches. Robert Andrews of said that Stone is using an apples-to-oranges way of comparing Twitter to leading search engines since people are searching for different types of content on each type of site.

Another problem, as pointed out by the San Francisco Chronicle, is that Stone is counting automated messages sent by apps like Tweet Deck that “are actually just automated calls those apps send out every few minutes to populate columns users have set up to see tweets on certain topics.”

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