Keyword Research is the Beginning of SEO

Keyword Research is the Beginning of SEO
Here we are blogging daily, sometimes several times a day, and working hard toward getting our blog posts and articles rated and indexed by the search engines. They will have a tendency to throw the words onto the page and call it great when folks start blogging. I mean, it is blogging, right? Is not blogging like writing a diary for everyone else to read?

Sorry. Not now, and not if you desire to earn some money out of your attempts. Your content needs to be fresh, insightful, valuable, and unique. So where can you begin?

The Straightforward Approach

If you’re just getting started in research that is keyword and tailoring your blog posts be understood and to rank, there are a few very simple things you can perform to get going.

First, we are going to use a tool that is free. You do not have to, although you will get much better results if you open an account with AdWords.

Type in a key word or phrase in the top box, fill out the Capture code boxes, and click on search. If you have an account, you are getting a lot more results. But merely to begin, we’ll take action without an account.

What you really are looking for here is a key word or keyword phrase in your market issue that has decent and low to medium competition world-wide and local searches. So that is pretty easy to find out.

When it comes to local and international searches, you have to decide whether you will get any traffic from the search term and how popular the term is. You definitely need your searches that are worldwide to be above your local searches and 5000 to be above 1000 a month. As you are finding success with this approach, enhance your writing, and gain experience, then you certainly can press to attain ranking and position with key words that have higher contest scores and higher searches.

For the purposes of today, let us choose a key word. Open the Google Keyword Tool up and let us do this keyword research collectively. Let’s say we have been going to write an article about “camping.”

In my experience, those odds aren’t worth even trying. I’d want to see a results response of fewer than 500,000 sites.

You might be limited to 100 results as you see, by not having a real AdWords accounts. With the account, you would have pages of keyword ideas and the ability to weed out the ones that won’t work quite quickly. You can actually filter results through the use of the complex alternatives. I’d select especially in the filters options: a low & moderate competitor, Global searches Local Searches greater than 1000, greater than 5000.

So now you have gotten keyword research results for those criteria. That is where I have an open browser tab to search the keyword phrase, would go through each keyword thought and see how many websites include those words. Can you discover any that you desire to try to rank for?

Keyword Research Using Exact Match Filter

Okay. I simply located the keyword phrase “camping with kids.” As a comprehensive hunt, that came back with over 72 million results. Now, let’s do the keyword research as a precise match. That means you search with the key word term in quotes “camping with children.” What do we have now for results?

This would be a keyword phrase worth working with. You’ve got done a simple keyword research exercise, have located a key word phrase that could give good quality leads to ranking your website posts to you, and you happen to be set to start composing an article on this particular subject. Remember to try to use the key word phrase as close to 2 percent of your total words as possible.