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Keyword Research Mistakes

Keyword Research Mistakes

Keyword Research Mistakes
Keyword research is an integral part of any SEO marketer’s job. But according to a study compiled a few years back, few people actually love keyword research.

Keyword research was ranked as one of the top three most difficult tasks by SEO professionals (behind link building and content creation).

That might be because 66% of us perform our keyword research in-house as opposed to finding a specialist or outsourcing it.

Keyword research can also be a daunting task – as almost 44% of us only do it when we have to. It makes sense.

When you do your keyword research sparsely, it can feel like a huge project, and there are quite a few pitfalls that make it feel even more laborious.

Carolyn Lyden, writing for Search Engine Journal, provides her findings on this tricky subject. She reports “When I polled SEO pros on Twitter about what they think are the biggest mistakes businesses and marketers make when performing keyword research, I got almost 40 responses – but many hit on the same themes.”

The report/blog posting includes a reference to the following factors when looking at Keyword Research Mistakes:

>>> Searcher Intent

>>> Not Looking at Actual SERPs

>>> Not Seeing Past ‘Volume’ Metrics

>>> Dismissing Long-Tail Keywords

>>> Not Talking to Real People

>>> Inserting Keywords After an Article is Written

>>> Not Knowing Where Your Audience is Searching

>>> Focusing Too Much on Exact Match

>>> Ignoring Localization

>>> Not Focusing on More Broad Topics

>>> Being Unaware of Competitors

>>> Not Evaluating Keyword Difficulty Properly

>>> Letting Clients Pick the Search Terms

The landscape of SEO has dramatically changed in recent years, and what has worked in the past is no longer effective today. Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithm, and each of these changes could mean a significant drop in your search engine results placement and reduce overall traffic to your website.

If you’re not staying ahead of the curve when it comes to these changes, you’re putting your business at risk. If you feel it’s time to transform your business and become a leader in your industry. With offices in both Durham and Newcastle, we can help you do just that through Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Call us today on 0845 272350 or visit the Direct Submit Digital Marketing Services website.