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Keywords and Competitor Analysis

Keywords and Competitor Analysis

Keywords and Competitor Analysis
What phrases and keywords are competitors ranking for? How high are they ranking? Choosing the right keywords is fundamental to effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Ensuring that your site ranks highly for the most appropriate and relevant keywords is the first step in any SEO campaign.

If you can create better pages and content on those topics, you will be able to outrank them and ultimately increase your market share. So where do you look to identify your key phrases?

There is no one definitive answer, but a great place to start is with your website’s own analytics package. Look at what terms currently convert really well or convert with high ticket items, when compared to current ranking positions and found to have low visibility, these are potentially great “quick win” targets for increasing revenue.

Another way is to really get underneath the skin of the business and thoroughly understand what products mean the most to them, or if they are service lead, what it is that generates the best business leads.

Once you are armed with key areas known to be key targets and/or revenue drivers, flesh out these areas with the Google Keyword Tool. Another advantage of doing this is that the business may use industry specific terminology that, without asking, you may never otherwise have known about to consider as part of the keyword mix.

However, the best way to identify keywords is a mix of all of the above.

No one method used in isolation will work.

We at Direct Submit will use a full toolkit of reporting strategies to analyse your competition, including link popularity, traffic and visitor activity and social media performance. All of this means that we will consistently be able to increase your client engagement, click-throughs, and your ranking.