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Link Building for Effective SEO

The Importance of Link Building for Effective SEO
For as long as we can remember, effective SEO professional has involved effective website optimisation, good ‘unique’ content and good quality inbound links. As we at Direct Submit have told numerous clients, You might have the most beautifully designed website in the world, just begging for people to enjoy it, but without effective website optimisation, good key phrase rich content and inbound links you are unlikely to get good search rankings.

Whilst many SEO commentators have at frequent intervals over the past few years declared that link building as a tactic for better search engine rankings is defunct, in every instance they have been proved wrong and the requirement still continues to this day. The truth is that, most SEO professionals agree, Google et al use inbound links as a primary way to attribute authority and worth to your website. Google has always recognised the quality of the back links that point to your website as a key factor when it comes to determining its authority and, ultimately, its ranking position within the search engine results.

When people ask me about the need for link building we typically use the well-trodden analogy likening a website to a shop and the inbound links as the roads that allow people to reach your online business.

There’s no magic in Search Engine optimisation and link building, but most businesses we come across don’t have the necessary time or knowledge to do everything we do. We help our clients’ link building efforts allowing them to Rank for specific keywords by providing relevant one-way links pointing to their website using the correct Anchor texts.

For many businesses exchanging links, known as ‘reciprocal’ link exchange could be a good start any link building project and the best way to do this is to make contact with other webmasters and business related websites to negotiate an exchange of link. Exchanging reciprocal links with other “like” websites (sites that are in the same niche and category as yours) is considered good practice. However, should you exchange links with sites that have nothing to do with your business or industry then most major search engines discount or provide no weight to those links pointing back to your website.

Link building and Link popularity is one of the primary elements that search engines such as Google use when they rank a website within their respective search results. Despite having a well optimised website, should your website SEO not incorporate an effective link popularity campaign that targets your important keywords, then, your site is not likely to compete for top rankings of these and related key phrases.