Local SEO

Local SEO: Business Opportunities for Trades People

Local SEO: Business Opportunities for Trades People
Warm weather has finally arrived, which means that people across the UK are taking advantage of the opportunity to remodel their homes and to take on every sort of project from interior or exterior painting to kitchen and bath remodels and having old roofs replaced.

When it comes to having these kinds of household upgrades completed, most homeowners rely on skilled workers for a job that requires anything more sophisticated than a paintbrush. In order to find the professional help that they need, people either rely on word-of-mouth advertising or, much more commonly, information that is readily available online.

Or is it? While many in the skilled trades are glad to have the work, they don’t always appreciate the importance of having an online presence and take for granted that people are still looking for plumbers, roofers and other contractors by opening the Yellow Pages. More and more this is no longer the case, though, since businesses in most other sectors have websites with a link in search results that they can click from their smartphone in order to call that business. How can the skilled trades get in on this?

Three words: search engine optimisation, or SEO
  Simply put, SEO marketing campaigns increase the amount of quality, keyword-driven online content related to your business so that businesses using it will rank higher in online search results. If you run a roofing business and want potential clients in, say, Newcastle to know about your service, then you want that client to be able to find you by looking up keywords and key phrases such as “roofing services Newcastle” or any other, specific key phrases that will help your business to stand out from the competition online.

Businesses in all sectors that already take advantage of SEO marketing are realising increased revenues at a fraction of the cost that a business would spend on more traditional forms of advertising, and a one-time outlay can pay off in spades for your business as well.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing
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