Local SEO

Why Local SEO is Important for your Business
Local SEO and Internet marketing is now a very important marketing tool for your business because of the way people are now searching for products and services. The number of people searching the internet when it comes to finding a local business has increased dramatically over the past few years, and it has now without question replaced offline methods such as the Yellow pages or other telephone directories.

localseoGoogle has reported that there are around 100 million local searches now taking place each day.

Many people are also using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the Internet that it has increased the quantity of local Internet searches being done. So much so that the Search Engines now cater to these users by prioritising local results over national rankings.

In order to make your local Internet Marketing campaign work, you should try to ensure that your business shows up where ever potential clients are looking for products and services you offer. In order to do that, your site will need to be optimised properly for local directories and local search traffic.

If your business isn’t using proper search engine optimisation targeted toward local searches, you could be missing out on a stream of potential visitors who are twice more likely to buy than visitors who come across your site by any other means.

Recent studies estimate that there are some 700,000 Google search queries every second of every day. As some of these searches are bound to be located within your area then why wouldn’t you want to direct this traffic and potential business to your door?

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