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Looking at SEO Predictions for 2017

Looking at SEO Predictions for 2017
How do you fancy reviewing what SEO market leaders are predicting for 2017. Search Engine Journal has posted just such information. The article leads in with  “Ask 44 SEO experts what the big trends will be in 2017, and well, you get 44 different answers!”. It then goes onto to ask, “Will this be the year we get the SEO basics right? Will this be the year of voice search? Will this be the year machine learning and AI forever changes SEO as we’ve known it?”.

A few examples of what the experts are predicting;

“The big trend in 2017, then, is a shift in mentality where your entire digital strategy (not just SEO) will be focused on understanding who your customer is, what they want, and using the data from search engines to better understand customer intent. By making something your customer needs – something that solves their problem – you will win the algorithm of the future.”

“Producing long-form content that provides incredible value for your readership should be a top priority in 2017. But not just any old “long-form” content, I’m talking about surpassing the quality of any other content that’s out there on the same topic.”

“Optimise for topics rather than keywords. This idea gained popularity after the Hummingbird update, but implementing the strategy in 2017 will have bonus benefits, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).”

“For 2017, smart brands and businesses need to continue to focus on building their brand and diversifying their overall online strategy. It’s becoming increasingly important to focus on branding initiatives so that ultimately consumers search for your brand so you don’t have to rely strictly on ranking for particular keywords.”

These are just a few of the thoughts and ideas promoted. So what SEO trends do you need to know in 2017 if you want to generate more traffic and leads while staying ahead of your competition? To review the complete article head on to the Search Engine Journal website and see if you agree.