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Direct Submit Pay per Click Guide (PPC)
The introduction of “pay per click” services provided by many search engine and directories such as Google and Yahoo, has created an opportunity for any website to achieve the highest desired position on the front pages of many of the major websites.


All who have tried to market a website on the Internet know how difficult it can often be to get webpages to achieve a decent ranking, so pay per click would seem to offer the ideal solution. However, as with most things in life, there is a cost attached.. So what is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click – An Overview.
Pay Per Click enables you to list your site on the first page of the search engine results by advertising keywords or key phrases that best describe your product or service. It is a dynamic marketplace, the higher you bid, the higher your advertisement will be displayed in the list. You pay only when someone clicks on your listing and connects to your site. You don’t pay to be displayed on the search engine results, you only pay for what are commonly termed ‘click through’s’.

Which Search Engines Offer Pay Per Click.
There are a number of search engines and search directories who currently offer a pay per click service. These include Google (Google adwords), Overture (Yahoo) and many more. Often, the smaller pay per click services offered by the likes of Mirago, Kanoodle and Miva – although not well known, will generate a considerable number of searches to their respective portals each month.

Elements of a Pay Per Click Campaign.
Like an Internet Marketing or search engine optimisation campaign, pay per click advertising is a lot about getting the basics right. If you have solid foundations, your campaigns will invariably be a success. The basic elements of any pay per click campaign are as follows:

Keyword Selection.
Careful selection of the key phrases you wish to use with your pay per click campaign is essential. Pick the wrong key phrases and you will either be wasting your time, as you will attract no qualified traffic, or worse still, waste money!

Creating the Advert.
Creating an effective advert is crucial to achieving a successful adwords campaign. There is a need to manage any pay per click campaign to review the effectiveness of the advert and to ‘tweak’ the ad content as required. This will help attract more qualified visitors and help achieve a better response/listing in the pay per click services. A number of different adverts can be set up for a campaign, each reflecting a specific services of key phrase.

PPC Budget.
Following the above you need to address the budget you will be able to apply to the campaign. You will need to set a daily maximum budget and a maximum click thru cost per key phrase. It is important to carefully manage and monitor the budget versus re sluts achieved with the campaign to ensure the best possible results.

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