Promoting the Audiologist of the Year Award 2016

Audiologist of the Year 2016 Competition
Direct Submit are pleased to announce they are working to help promote the Audiologist of the Year competition for 2016. This respected award encourages nominations for professionals who excel in their duties and is a chance for patients to shout about their own audiologist. The coveted award celebrates hearing professionals who work hard to deliver exceptional service and gives patients the opportunity to say thank you to their audiologist.


The competition is open to hearing patients from participating countries and all entries are judged by an independent panel that includes industry experts, representatives of hearing charities and associations and a representative from Audio Infos magazine.

Entering the competition is easy, simply visit the website and complete our online application form or alternatively, you can download a copy of the application form, print it out and then post it back to the address provided if you prefer.

The Judging Criteria Includes:

Your entry must be received on or before the July 8th 2016 and you must have been fitted with a device between Aug 2012 and July 2016.

The form must be completed in full:

Hearing care professional’s details (please, include their email address or telephone number)
Your details
Reasons for nomination – In no more than 1000 words. The winner will be an individual outstanding case. The entry will be judged on the following criteria:
You have received exceptional service and been provided with outstanding care
The hearing care professional must have illustrated dedication and commitment
The hearing care professional must have demonstrated exceptional knowledge in the field of products or services available to you (please provide details if possible)
The hearing care professional must have made a difference to your and/or your family’s lifestyle
He or she must have helped in a difficult or unusual circumstance
He or she may have provided superior care which included your whole family
Your hearing care provider must have worked together with other medical professionals to fully support you and/or your family
Completion of the 4 multiple choice questions

As the winning audiologist for the country you practice in, you have the opportunity to win some great prizes, including the recognition and acknowledgement of winning a prestigious competition. For further details of the prozes available please see visit the website.

Entering the competition is easy. Simply complete our online application form provided and click the “vote now” button, and for guidance on how to create a great entry. Remember, the stronger the story the more chance you have of winning.