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Quick Guide to ‘Organic Search Engine Optimisation’

A Quick Guide to ‘Organic Search Engine Optimisation’
This is a question we were recently asked by one of our clients with the answer perhaps helpful for all those looking to optimise their website for the major Search Engines. In summary, organic traffic is traffic that arrives via the search engines. And the answer to the question what is organic Search Engine Optimisation is the accumulation of the many applied to a webpage / website with the intention of increasing the ranking of website pages within the search engine pages for specific search terms  / keywords / key phrases.

This approach achieves traffic from the search engines without using Pay per Click models such as Google adwords. It typically involves on-page optimisation such as keyword selection and placement, Meta tag optimisation, SEO friendly coding and appropriate navigation links.

We must also consider effective off-page optimisation when looking to achieve organic search engine traffic. This is now considered a very important element of the organic search engine optimisation process. For example, inbound links. When other website pages make reference to your website and include a link, then Google will often interpret this as a recommendation.

Article submissions can also prove a valuable asset. They must be unique and include ‘authoritive’ content relevant to your website content. Note, it is very important hat your content is original and unique.  Past Google updates such as the Panda update are thought to indicate Google removes low quality and copied content from its search engine results.

By using these methods you can help your website be found using the natural Search Engine listings and increase traffic to your website. Thereby potentially increasing traffic and business opportunities.

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