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Refreshing Page Content & SEO

Refreshing Page Content & SEO

Refreshing Page Content & SEO.
Many webmasters believe that SEO can be stopped and started like a train, due to budget limitations or to put money into other projects.

There are consequences, however, to putting the brakes on SEO. This is especially true when the momentum has started and you’re making breakthroughs with increased revenue, more leads and more traffic arriving on your site.

Refreshing Page Content & SEO

When a page is properly refreshed, you can expect to see a 10% – 30% increase in traffic. In some cases, it can be more. This is due to Google viewing the new text and ranking the page higher due to the increased value of it. A page can be refreshed in a number of different ways including the following:

> Updating facts, dates and general information
> Adding a frequently-asked-question section
> Providing additional text
> Changing the template of the page
> Providing article links
> Adding schema

Refreshing a page successfully involves making sure that the content on the page matches the intent of the search and ensuring that the page is even better than the page that is currently ranking in the first position on Google Search.

Another consequence of stopping your SEO marketing is the loss of content that others can share on social media website’s. This negatively affects the amount of social media traffic and shares generated by your company.

Also, people will not be driven back to your website to see any new posts and this reduces the searches made for your brand, which is seen as a bad indicator by Google. Content must be created consistently or else Google will think that you have given up on your website.

Refreshing Page Content & SEO
Capturing your readers’ interest with your content is an essential aspect of content marketing and social media, and ideally should lead these readers to become loyal and devoted customers in the future.

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