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Registering Your Website with Directories

Registering Your Website with Directories
To help with the SEO and promotion of your website we would recommend that you register your site with some of the major directories and second-tier general directories.

There are literally thousands of directories out there on the web, many of them considered useless in terms of SEO and value to your business so be careful where you register your website.

Look at registering with around six to twelve of the better general directories if you are targeting Google and, if you are targeting the other major & secondary search engines first, then you may want to register with about twenty to fifty general directories.

Registering your domain with at least a number of local or industry directories can be helpful.   Industry or niche directories  are  findable  via  search  engines  and  can be located using a simple search for ‘Industry specific or niche directories’ in Google, Yahoo or Bing.  Note, you should check to ensure they provide static links before spending money registering your sites, although directories that rank well may deliver quality traffic even if they do not provide direct links.

It is possible to spend spending hundreds of pounds to get links from different directories across, with many second-tier directories charging a one-off fee for listing, with some directories allowing you to add your sites free if you become an editor.

When working with a client URL, we will often (subject to consultation with the client) use a number of directories including Yahoo!, DMOZ,, JoeAnt, Best of the Web, and Gimpsy.

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