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Roll Out of new AdWords Dashboards

Google has confirmed that it will roll out new AdWords dashboards over the next few weeks, giving advertisers a consolidated view of their account performance. The search engine says dashboards reflect the unique reporting needs of each business and offer a comprehensive snapshot of how the account is performing. The aim, Google says, is to empower advertisers to spend less time creating reports and more time identifying new opportunities.

Dashboards bring together the most important reports for advertisers Users are given a starter dashboard from the search engine which can then be customized as needed and shared with colleagues.

This new AdWords feature will give advertisers better control over how their reports are presented and organized. It’s designed to be flexible, so users can arrange the charts and tables in a way that’s most intuitive and user-friendly to them. Saved tables and charts can be added to the dashboard at any time, and no longer needed data deleted to make way for more useful data representations. The customized view extends to historic data too, with advertisers able to select previous date ranges to see how their dashboard would have looked at that point in time.

Where the current AdWords reporting tools require advertisers to flick between data sources, the new dashboards bring all of the most useful and meaningful reports together in one view. This means advertisers no longer have to tab between reports, allowing for more accurate and consistent performance monitoring.

This more streamlined, centralized approach gives a clear picture of the relationship between data. Google gives the example of now being able to see impressions and CTRs by device, right alongside clicks by device data in a single view. With this capability, trends and patterns should be easier to spot and opportunities for performance improvements made much clearer.

For accounts with multiple team members, dashboards will allow individuals to create their own dashboards to be reviewed with others. Each dashboard is listed in the Reports tab, improving collaboration. Dashboards can be created by navigating to the Reports tab, clicking Dashboards and then + Dashboards.

For more information on this new AdWords feature, read the full announcement from Google here.

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