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Search Engine Promotion Works!

Why Search Engine Promotion Works
The Dot Com invasion has forced brick-and-mortar businesses to claim their own space on the Web to compete with their rivals using today’s technology. The playing field has greatly been levelled with the dawn of the Internet Era as information can easily be retrieved, shared, and accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

But are you losing leverage by not getting found on search engines? The answer is yes! Research shows that the majority of Internet users begin their web journey from a search engine. Whether it’s a search tool that their ISP offers, or one that comes “bundled” with their Internet browsers, or still other that they know are “good” sources of information, search engines have become the vessel of choice for people to connect with their specific needs.

Search engines can drive quality traffic to your website, allowing for millions of potential visitors. They provide one of the most cost effective means to promote your site, and target active searchers. Other forms of online marketing such as banner advertising (which can be very costly) merely hope that a passing surfer will find the information displayed interesting enough to click. The people visiting your web site as a result of a search engine query are specifically interested in the product or service you provide.

Still not convinced that search engine promotion works? Then consider these search engine industry statistics:

  • More people find sites via search engines than any other method with more than 75 percent of surfers using search engines as the primary means to traverse the web
  • People who spend five or more hours a week online average an astounding 71% of their time searching for information
  • The top 10 search engines have 147,000,000 unique visitors each month, a number that jumps over 10 percent every month
  • Searching is the second most popular online activity after email. Every day, 57 percent of all Internet users use a search engine
  • Over 43% of people who bought online found the site via a search engine
  • 66% of online marketers mention using search engine positioning as a way to drive traffic to their sites
  • 50% of Web users spend 70% or more of their time searching online, and 70% of those surveyed know specifically what they’re looking for when they use a search engine
  • Consumers are 5 times more likely to purchase goods or services as a result of finding a site through a search engine listing rather than a banner advertisement
  • 90% of Web users find Web sites through search engines, confirming that good positioning in search engines produces major results

If you don’t grasp the significance of this data, be prepared to lose out on qualified traffic to your site. You don’t have to be buried at the bottom of the search results.