Search Market Increasing

Search Market Growth Increasing
The most recent report from IPA Bellwether shows that marketeers are revising search budgets by up to 9.9% for the next quarter (, 17 Dec) and predominantly this uptake is due to search marketing becoming more prevalent across a wider spectrum of industries.

The importance of consistently high rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing should not be underestimated, with Google in particular having become a highly influential factor in determining the online commercial success of websites. Recent studies have indicated that this isn’t just relevant to certain industries, but is applicable across the board. As more and more businesses across diverse industries have come to realise the importance of online traffic in the lead generation process, the amount of spending within the search industry has grown significantly.

The recent announcements that social networking activity can also have an effect on search rankings is also likely to stir interest in the business world. The SEO Industry expects to see a large number of businesses that have previously invested their digital marketing efforts in online communities now moving to maximise their visibility in the search market using both social media and SEO activity.

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