SEO and Why Email Matters for Your Business

SEO and Why Email Matters for Your Business
Everyone these days has email: your children, your friends, even your 90-year-old grandmother. They and all the other people in your area who have email very likely have either an Internet-based account through Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail, and as a result of using those email providers, they also spend a fair amount of time using the associated search engines – Bing, Yahoo and Google respectively – to conduct general information searches and as a starting point for their online shopping.

If you own a local business and think this talk of email and search engines has nothing to do with you, think again: “online shopping” is more than making actual purchases online. It also means “shopping” for new products and services which can be purchased locally by researching businesses such as yours and all the options available to them before they ever set foot in your shop – or decide to pass you by.

If your business has a website, Facebook page and/or Twitter feed, brilliant! But content matters, and it needs to be specific. If you haven’t taken the time to get inside the minds of your potential clients and consider the types of Internet keyword searches that might bring your business to their attention, then chances are your website and social media accounts aren’t bringing in enough business to justify the time and money you spend keeping them up.

To really make these online resources worth your while, you need to invest in an effective search engine optimisation, or SEO, marketing strategy. The way SEO works is simple: you generate content for your website and other online resources that makes use of keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your business and that you expect your potential clients to use when searching for businesses like yours.

The benefits of SEO are by no means limited to Web-based businesses or international firms: the world is a much bigger place than it once was, and consumers often don’t know where they can go in their own city or town for products and services they need without first doing an online search. And if your potential customers already have Gmail accounts, then a one-time investment in an effective SEO marketing campaign can pay off in spades if your company ranks high within local search results on Google. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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