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More small companies intend to incorporate search engine optimisation into their business to business marketing initiatives, a new survey conducted by Network Solutions indicates.

More than one-quarter of the small businesses polled (27 percent) said they currently had a search engine optimisation plan in place, which is up from the 19 percent that used this strategy in 2010.

Additionally, more companies intend to develop business to business Search Engine Optimisation plans over the next two years, with 36 percent planning to have a Search Engine Optimisation strategy in that time frame.

Social Media is also becoming important to successful business to business marketing strategies, with as many as 46 percent of respondents intending to have a social presence within the next 24 months. Facebook is the most popular social network, however, LinkedIn also seems to be becoming more popular as well.

Both social media and search strategies give companies a significant audience to which they can promote their products. More than 500 million consumers have Facebook accounts, while nearly 17 billion searches were conducted in February alone, according to comScore.

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