The Internet & your Business

Make the Internet Work for your Business
More and more businesses are recognising the need to actually do something with their website. How many businesses have spent hundreds, or in many cases thousands of pounds on websites that they then do absolutely nothing with. Quite often, the web design company will do little or no Internet Marketing or will try to sell this an additional service to the client – in our experience of talking to clients, sometime after the website went live.

It is not unusual for a prospective client to contact us, as a last resort, and offer us the ultimatum, if the website continues to do nothing for our business we may as well bin it.

We have recently started working with a UK Telecommunications Services provider and an Electrical Distributor who is looking to extend their business, moving from a regional basis to a National base. These clients have come to us in a positive way, looking to use their websites in a positive and proactive way.

In these difficult times, when a business is looking to the Internet for new business, then the process of Search Engine Optimisation and subsequent Internet Marketing should be placed higher on the ‘to do’ list when planning or operating a website.

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