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Warning – No Guarantees in SEO

Warning – No Guarantees in SEO

The respected key phrase research company Word Tracker have recently released a document concerning SEO companies and some of the issue you need to be aware of. Top of their lists was the SEO company who “guarantees they can get you on the first page of Google and fast”. We at Direct Submit have published several blogs warning clients to ignore this lie and to walk away from any company (or salesman) who makes this claim.

The Word Tracker article goes on to say that part of what makes SEO complicated is that there are things you can control and things you can’t. Google and other search engines are secretive about the algorithms they use, but there are 200+ variables factored into page rankings.

It’s safe to say that no SEO company knows the secret formula that will land you on the first page. To add to the complexity, your site can rank very differently on desktops versus mobile devices, depending on a variety of factors including whether your site is mobile-friendly.

There are other reasons but you have been warned – again!

We at Direct Submit shy away from even using the word “guarantee” in relation to our SEO business. In reality, we do all we reasonably can to guarantee that our clients will be happy with our results. We also guarantee that our SEO process won’t put them at risk of penalties from the search engines, another big worry. We feel that these types of promises are perfectly acceptable to make. Just stay away from guaranteed “search engine rankings.” It’s just asking for trouble.