Marketing in the UK

Importance of Marketing in the UK
In the UK, many people don’t realise just how important Internet Marketing can be for their respective business. It can literally help make or breaks a business. Marketing is an integrated communications-based process through which individuals and communities discover that existing and newly-identified needs and wants may be satisfied by the products and services of others.

Internet marketing also referred to as i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or e Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. In another word, we can also say Internet marketing is targeted… you will reach your target market with internet marketing.

There are several news sites that will speak and tell about all the latest on the Internet marketing business. If there were any change in the marketing trend, you would instantly get to know about it. Blogs make a great source of information. You will find many well-written and informative blogs that will give you all the information and knowledge concerning the Internet marketing secrets. The Internet works as a well-established education system giving you all the knowledge that you seek.

Around the world online/ Internet Marketing continues to grow with more and more of the marketing spend moving online. It can say that Internet marketing is certainly the way of the future. The Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing, one of which being lower costs for the distribution of information and media to a global audience. Internet marketing is relatively inexpensive when compared to the ratio of cost against the reach of the target audience. Companies can reach a wide audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets. By this process your will be able to identify and quantify the market, and have the opportunity to increase your: Sales, Market Share and Brand.

Furthermore, marketing effectively online requires the right kind of preparation for your website. Many sites fail in that they generate traffic but they lack the kind of relevant content that retains the visitor, educates the prospect, and/or encourages the prospect to take action.

When people gather research online for an immediate or future purchase, they want ease and efficiency—or they’ll leave the site and go elsewhere.

In developing your next online marketing plan, follow these key steps to success: Identify and research your Market, Plan for the best site for an action , Position yourself in the marketplace by utilizing several marketing methods and last but not least be prepared to follow up and close deal.

Optimised or just Optimistic?

Is your website Optimised or are you just being Optimistic?

For many businesses the focus when starting out on their Internet campaign is the design of a great looking website, a website that not only looks good but also reflects the right image for the business. However, it is also very important that the company website lists well in the major search engines and many businesses quickly move to measuring the value of their website in terms of the number of visitors to the website. Why, because what is the point of having a great looking website if no one can find it and it attracts only minimal traffic. Businesses quickly become aware that increased levels of traffic can potentially lead to potential for increased sales and market profile.

One thing to consider is that over 80% of all Internet traffic comes from the major search engines with Google, Yahoo and MSN currently responsible for the vast majority of all Internet traffic. With such an overwhelming amount of traffic coming from the search engines, it makes sense to put a lot of effort getting your website noticed.

Regardless of how you measure the success of your website, the bottom line is that to succeed on the Internet you are going to have to bring more visitors that are looking for the information, content and/or products that you are providing.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

The Thimble Guild

Commemorative Thimbles – The Royal Wedding
Continuing to work with the Thimble Guild, Direct Submit are working with them to create a strategic SEO campaign to promote their range of collectable and commemorative thimbles across the search engines.

Along with some typical keywords for the thimbles market, we are running a very niche approach to the forthcoming Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton, including a range of very special Royal Wedding commemorative thimbles.

We are happy to announce that using the search term thimbles the Thimble Guild are in position one of page one (Google).  This as well as many other key search terms for the company.

We’ll keep you posted and future developments and if you would like to discuss your SEO needs, why not call us to discuss how we can help get your business working for you on the Internet.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

Link Building & SEO

Link building & SEO
Search engines love links, and so should you in developing your Internet Marketing project.  On page Search Engine Optimisation, whilst important should represent only a part of your SEO strategy, acquiring quality, relevant in-bound links should also be high on your agenda. Examples of good inbound links would include:

A) Links from a website or directory that relates closely to your content or market sector.
B) Links located within the body of the content of the source website, using ‘anchor text’ based on your keywords or key phrase in them.
c) Direct links not just your homepage but, where appropriate, to the relevant content pages.

We all know that links are a core part of Google’s ranking algorithm, but often achieving these good quality links is more difficult than it looks. In some case you could consider paying for inks from quality directories or upgrading a free link to one that includes a key phrase rich text link to a page within your site.

Make sure you have the type of quality content that makes people want to link to you. That old SEO statement still rings true, ‘Content is King’.  Not only will this approach help generate link popularity, but it will also help you in other ways, too.

Search engines love good quality relevant content, all of which will help you succeed with your ongoing SEO campaign.

How do you find out who’s already linking to you? Go to Yahoo search, type in linkdomain:www. and it will return a list of sites that are linking to you. Google offers the same thing (type Note that in our experience, Yahoo returns more comprehensive results with Google often limiting the results it delivers from these requests.

Our advice would always be to focus on quality and relevance when developing you linking strategy. Low quality links from spam sites or link farms could hurt your rankings and the golden rule should always be ‘quality, not quantity’.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

Choosing and Researching Keywords

Choosing and Researching Keywords
It can be difficult to choose the keywords that describe your company and its products or services so that users will see your website when they perform an online search. Obviously, you want people who are searching for what products or services you provide to find your website near the top of the search engine results pages, so how do you achieve this?

The answer is “by using keywords and key phrases in your website content.” These are the words that people type into search engines when they are looking for something.

Choosing and researching good keywords is a process that takes several steps that can essentially be broken down into the following stages:

Initial keyword Research
Have a brain storming session with your staff and, if possible, customers. Ask other people for ideas, too, including your family, try to get as many opinions as possible. You will often discover that what you consider your optimal key phrases are not those typically used by your customers.

Use Key Word Research Tools
There are several online keyword research tools that offer information about the number of times users perform searches for specific words. These can help you identify key phrases ‘related’ to your products or services that might help generate quality traffic to your website.

Selecting of Key Words
Use the research you have done and select the most appropriate key words that is likely to deliver the best results for your business. Note this may mean you choose a key phrase that isn’t the most searched for (which will probably be the most ‘competitive’ in terms of achieving a page 1 result on the web) but which will bring you high quality traffic in numbers that should help generate you business.

After you’ve chosen your keywords and optimized your site, you need to perform measurements to see whether it’s delivering the amount of traffic and conversions you expected. You can use this information to make adjustments and refine your keyword strategy.

The above represents a fairly basic overview of choosing effective key phrases for your website and the web is full of more in depth articles and guides to help you.

For more information on choosing the right key words for your website call Direct Submit and see how we can help you make the most of your Internet project.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

The Royal Wedding Approaches

The Royal Wedding Approaches
As the Royal wedding draws closer, the British souvenir and gifts industries are moving into full swing. From the exclusive to the more traditional, the wedding itself is opening doors for many companies to offer a range of wedding souvenirs and gifts.

With the Royal wedding in little over a month, one such ‘exclusive’ gift is what is reported to be the first ever Loving Cup, recently hand-gilded at a pottery in Staffordshire . Bearing the entwined initials C and W to stand for Prince William and Kate – or Catherine – Middleton, in gold and silver, this fine bone china two-handled cup,  is new to the range of Official Royal Wedding Commemorative China, also features the coronet of Prince William and the wedding date.

Another UK company, who works with Direct Submit to promote their product range on the Internet, are offering a range of exclusive gifts to promote their Royal wedding souvenirs and gifts. The Thimble Guild have a rather exclusive range of commemorative Royal Wedding thimbles, wedding bells spoons and much more available to the British public.

British industry will without doubt make the most of the business opportunites in the market and Direct Submit will continue to help companies such as the Thimble Guild to exploit these.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

‘H’ tags & Effective SEO

The ‘H’ tags & Search Engine Optimisation
Using the ‘H’ tags with your search engine optimisation can make a significant difference to the success of your Internet Marketing campaign.  So what are they? ‘H’ tags are used to denote section titles in your content.  <H1> tags are normally used for the main title of the content and then lower ‘H’ tags (such as <H2> and <H3>) are used for sub-headings within your webpage content.

HTML has six heading elements: <Hi> through to <H6>. Use <H1> for your main page heading, then <H2> for sub-headings and so on. Remember when using these tags to prioritise your website content accordingly.  Search engines view the <Hi> tag as the most important title of the page and then <H2> as the next most important and so on.

You should always make sure your <H1> tag contains your most important keywords. Try to make sure your <H1> tag corresponds to your page Meta Tag Title. This highlights to search engines exactly what your page is about, and helps identify the most important key phrases.

Don’t overuse your these tags though.  Just use one <H 1> tag with your most important content, then use as many <h2> and <H3> tags as you need alongside your content.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

Successful Search Engine Marketing

Planning for a Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign
The following brief summary will help you to take full advantage of the Search Engine Marketing opportunity.

Understand your online business
To begin understanding your online business, simply write a description of your company. Have your colleagues, family and friends do the same. Then compare the results.

Understanding your online customer
It is important to understand that much like traditional, brick and mortar customers, there are different types of online customers. These customers will also likely search very differently, for example by gender or income level. Why is this important? Well, once you have a thorough understanding of how your customers search, you will be better positioned to apply that knowledge to choosing the right keywords.

Determining a successful conversion
Understanding the true purpose of your website is the first step to determining what to deem a successful conversion. A successful outcome may simply be increased levels of traffic. If you sell something through your web site then a successful conversion will more than likely be defined as a completed transaction, or “selling something.” It is also possible that your web site may have multiple types of conversions.

Researching, Choosing and Implementing Keywords
Researching, choosing, and implementing keywords is crucial to any successful Search Engine Marketing campaign. To identify the most appropriate key phrases you will need to use the following approach:

1. Image yourself as your target audience.
2. Target Niche Key Phrases rather than broad phrases.
3. Brainstorm for key phrases. Ask prospects, clients etc.
4. Choose only relevant key phrases.
5. Understand that keywords can have multiple meanings.

Once you have created your final key phrase list then you can begin to utilise them in your Internet Marketing campaign. This process is constant and once your online marketing campaign is running, you should constantly review and modify your project. Why? You may have to take into account seasonal changes, levels of competition may change and new products or services may need to be included.

Internet Marketing by Direct Submit

Internet Marketing Services

Why Internet Marketing Services?
As we approach 2011, particuarly with the ongoing recession we find ourselves in, it is vitally important for the business community to try and ensure they have their website found in the major search engines. Why is this? At its most basic (and for the majority of business) effective SEO can help achieve increased sales opportunities, help attract quality traffic to your website and improve branding opportunities for your product or service and a higher market profile for your business.

The typical range of Internet Marketing Services may include the following:

– Keyword Analysis
– Meta tag Optimisation
– On Page Optimisation
– Manual Submissions to the Major Search Engines & Directories
– Search engine submission
– Link Popularity Development
– Monthly Ranking Reports
– Dedicated Account Manager
– Application of Google Site Map

Internet Marketing A Great Opportunity for your Business
Every day millions of people use search engines to find a product or service on the Internet. Can your potential customers find your web site in the leading Search Engines? If not, you’re missing out on the local and global audience of customers who could be visiting your web site and, potentially at least, providing your business with new orders.

There are many Internet Marketing companies in the UK and beyond who provide a diverse range of Internet Marketing solutions. These ‘SEO Services’ are designed to get your business or service noticed in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Direct Submit are a leading UK Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation company who offer services including Website Optimisation, Search Engine Submission, Pay Per Click, Optimised Web Design, Website Management services and more.

If your website can’t be found on the World Wide Web, then you are missing out on a potentially huge market place.

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