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AdWords Mobile Campaign Management App

Designed to take AdWords campaign management mobile, the app allows advertisers to carry out a number of activities on the go, directly from an iPhone or iPad.

The AdWords app gives advertisers access to several key management tools:

  • The ability to check key account performance metrics such as click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC)
  • Access to manage budget and bids including updating bid amounts and spend thresholds
  • The ability to take up performance suggestions and integrate recommended activities into the campaign, including increasing budgets in line with the recommended spend offered by Google
  • Real time account and advert status notifications
  • Call a Google expert directly from the app


Image source: Google

Google says, “The Google AdWords app helps you stay connected with your ad campaigns from anywhere, using your iPhone. You can easily view your ads’ performance on the go with this simplified companion to your desktop account. So you can keep your campaigns running smoothly—no matter where your business takes you.”

The new app, which has now been rolled out to users globally, means account managers and business owners can access high level data and dig into account performance from any location. It offers more flexibility and makes the AdWords interface more responsive.

These benefits tap directly into the emphasis Google has placed on mobile in recent months. Having advised website owners of the need to make their sites mobile friendly and reiterated the importance of mobile for consumers, the search engine appears to have taken its own words to heart.

The AdWords app has been designed to mimic the desktop AdWords interface as much as possible, making for a seamless transition from PC to mobile. The home screen displays account level data, with a second tier for campaigns, ad groups, keywords and adverts. Users can additionally personalize their display by modifying columns and adding and removing the types of information shown on screen.

Already feedback from users has been positive with many advertisers commenting on the usefulness of being able to access data and make campaign adjustments on the fly, without being tied to a desk or sat in the office. A separate AdWords Express app has also been created for AdWords Express account users.

The AdWords app can be downloaded from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1037457231?mt=8

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