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Google News launches ‘Local Source’ Tag

Google News launches ‘Local Source’ Tag to Boost Local News Sources
According to a 2015 Pew Research study, “nearly nine out of 10 residents follow local news closely and about half do so very closely” and with more than 75,000 news sources being local, Google has introduced a Local section in Google News.


According to its blog-post, this new section will “surface content from regional papers to hyper-local blogs that otherwise wouldn’t appear in national news.”

And to ensure that local stories remain in the news cycle and are properly credited with their initial ‘legwork’ once a story has gone national, a new ‘Local Source’ tag is available across all Google News editions.

Unfortunately these tags can’t be manually added, instead they’re automatically added by Google. It does this by “looking at where a publisher has written about in the past and comparing that to the story location.”

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