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Redesign of your Website

A Redesign of your Website
A website redesign most commonly begins with sourcing of a web design company to undertake the project on behalf of a company. Why would you do this? Many look at their current design and think the website needs ‘brought up to date’ or updated to represent the companies new and improved image. So where to begin?

Many companies start the process by assigning someone in the office the task of acquiring quotes from a list of web solution companies, many found on the web, other through local knowledge.

To achieve optimal results from this approach it has been suggested that the following information needs to be thought about ‘before’ the project begins.

  1. List the goals and objectives for your business and for your website. Do they align with each other? They should.
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. List your competitive advantages. Does your current web site highlight these advantages? If not, it should.
  4. What kind of feedback are you getting on your current website (if you have one)? What is currently working and what may need reworking?
  5. Examine your competitor’s websites. What are they doing well or maybe not so well? What could you learn from their website?
  6. What information would make your company stand out from competitors? Promote this information on the website.

A website can help drive new or repeat business. It can help improve your companies profile and give you a competitive advantage, so it is worth taking your time and getting the design and content just right.

Get this ‘Internet Marketing’ issue wrong and your website won’t be an asset to the business!

It is also crucial to make sure your web design company understands effective ‘Internet Marketing’ and how the search engines work. They should know how to set up your website so that it has the potential to list well in the likes of Google and Yahoo for key phrases important to your business.

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